A loud roar scared the residents of Ingeniero Maschwitz and surrounding areas

A loud explosion followed by tremors that were felt on the walls and windows of the houses scared the residents of Ingeniero Maschwitz and surrounding areas this Tuesday night.

The surprising event, which occurred around 10 p.m., was felt with particular force in the neighborhoods of La Pista, San Lorenzo, San Miguel and the center of the town, as well as in some areas of Belén de Escobar, Dique Luján and Benavidez. .

Faced with the lack of knowledge of the reasons that generated these unexpected vibrations, many neighbors decided to turn to social networks to share their experiences. “In the San Miguel neighborhood a very strong explosion was felt, so much so that all the windows of the house vibrated“, expressed Lola Sánchez on a Facebook page.

“I live in Garín, I was just outside and I felt it, it was a very loud explosion noise”, commented Karina Villagomez. For her part, another neighbor from the San Miguel neighborhood warned about the presence of “firefighters and police” in the vicinity.

The episode generated commotion and concernn due to the proximity of the noise to the AySA water treatment plant that is on provincial route 26, in the town of Dique Luján, a few meters from the border with Maschwitz. Hours later, Escobar’s General Directorate of Civil Defense issued a statement clarifying the origin of the explosion.

According to the report, the incident was due to the explosion of the compressed natural gas (CNG) pipe of a vehicle “in the Dique Luján area.” The notice There were no injuries or fatalities reported. due to the accident, which devastated the body of the vehicle. Volunteer firefighters, police personnel and Civil Defense attended the scene.

car on fire that generated the noise
Origin. The roar was due to the explosion of a car tube filled with compressed natural gas.

The organization also pointed out that “the noise and its consequent tremors, as the terrain was flat and did not have large buildings, could be perceived even in Escobar – specifically the San Luis neighborhood – and in some areas of Garín”, in addition to the places already mentioned by Engineer Maschwitz.

It is not the first time that an event of this nature has occurred in Escobar’s party. Recently, on Monday, March 25, a similar situation occurred in the El Cazador park neighborhood when the CNG pipe of a Fiat Fiorino exploded. Its driver was able to save himself by abandoning the unit moments before the fire.

Further back in time, in September 2020, a vehicle that was traveling between the Las Lomas and El Matadero neighborhoods, also in Belén de Escobar, caught fire due to a mechanical failure and suffered the explosion of a gas pipe that supplied the engine. The shock was felt several kilometers around and caused a scare similar to what the residents of Maschwitz and surrounding areas experienced last night.

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