Road accident on the Ubaté-Zipaquirá highway, three injured

Road accident on the Ubaté-Zipaquirá highway, three injured
Road accident on the Ubaté-Zipaquirá highway, three injured

The roads of Cundinamarca witnessed the inclement accident between a car and a motorcycle. In the morning hours of June 6, an accident occurred on the highway via Ubaté-Zipaquirá, at the height of the sector The hills.

It happened because of a motorcyclewhich lost control and collided with a car from the front. At the time of the crash, the people inside the car were ejected through the windows because They didn’t have seat belts.

This caused three individuals were injured and lying on the road. In addition, some bicycles that the vehicle was carrying on top broke loose and were shot in several directions.

Some witnesses to what happened consider that the occupants of the motor vehicle came in state of drunkenness. This has not been confirmed by authorities but is under investigation. The car allegedly broke the law by speeding.

Images of the accident.


The results of the event were captured in images and videos shared on networks. In a video you can see the car with the destroyed bodywork and various objects thrown away.

Likewise, several of the injured subjects were recorded motionless on the ground. Subsequently, they were taken to medical centers to receive care, but their seriousness is unknown.

Consequently, the Ubaté-Zipaquirá corridor will be temporarily closed until new notice. The authorities must carry out the corresponding investigation, in addition to the removal of the accident vehicles and cleaning of the road.

Road accidents

​According to figures from the National Road Safety Agency, in the year 2022Colombia reported approximately 7,270 deaths from traffic accidents and more than 40,000 injuries; while in In 2023, 8,000 people died.

The notable increase in mortality statistics has generated concern. For its part, in only the first 5 months of 2024 The amount is around 2,000 people, which is alarming.

​These figures help to draw a general picture and implement measures to reduce accidents. For this reason, the authorities continue to call on citizens to abide by traffic rules and drive with caution.


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