The meaning of Lamine Yamal’s goal celebration

The Euro 2024It is already underway and with it all the hopes that the Spanish team will have a good competition. A good part of this will depend, in all likelihood, on Lamine Yamal, the very young Barça winger who arrives at his first European competition with all the desire and many eyes on him.

The young man, who will turn 17 this July, stands out for his youth (he has been studying for the final exams of 4th year of ESO at the team’s concentration hotel) but above all because of his talent. There are many who compare it with Leo Messi because football experts say that since the Argentine ‘crack’ began to emerge at Barça, similar sensations had not been repeated with other young footballers.

For all these reasons, Yamal will be one of the protagonists of this tournament and with a little luck, and his usual good play, he will be seen celebrating goals and giving Spain victories. This season, in fact, he has already been one of Barça’s scorers and he has stood out for always celebrating it in the same way. This is the story of his colorful celebrations that can be repeated these days.

a mysterious number

The young footballer has become accustomed to celebrating his goals by doing a number with his fingers, as Gerard Piqué did during his relationship with Shakira and did two deuces with his fingers. Lamine, on the other hand, always opts for the ‘304‘: with one hand you make a 3 and a 0 and with the other you emulate the 4. Although it may seem mysterious, its meaning is no secret and the number has nothing random about it.

And Yamal always keeps his origins in mind and remembers them every time he scores. His parents come from Morocco and Equatorial Guinea but they met in Spain and the young Barça player was born in a municipality near Barcelona. Due to family reasons he ended up living in Mataró, a coastal town in the metropolitan area.

Specifically, his family moved to the humble neighborhood of Rocafonda, whose postal code is 08304. His ‘304’, which is also emblazoned on some of the boots he competes in, is intended to be a nod and a reminder to his neighbors. For him, that neighborhood is the one that has seen him grow, has given him studies and friends and also a lot of love for soccer, which he played in the afternoons when he left school. To this day, in addition, he still has relatives living there, like his uncle, who runs an Arabic bakery.

In addition, there he began to play with a team, at the Rocafonda Soccer Club, before moving to CF La Torreta and joining a federation. The neighborhood is very humble, it has very high immigration rates and the new generations see themselves reflected in the ‘crack’. For this reason, although Lamine is already on a different wavelength, she still has your neighborhood very present.

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