A woman married to a rag doll and with three rag children explains what her daily life is like

Meirivione Rocha, a 39-year-old Brazilian, has become known on social networks after starting a relationship with Marcelo, a life-size rag doll. Her Instagram account shows her first memory of him in March 2021, when they both went on a radio to tell her love story. However, her followers did not know that the “best” of the story was yet to come.

Meirivione and Marcelo, whom she dresses in men’s clothing and with whom she shares an album of photos and videos of her daily life, got married in December 2021 in an event with more than 250 guests. Later, three children, also dolls, were added to this peculiar family. Thousands of his followers have been able to see an extensive photo report of the wedding, romantic dinners, stroller rides with his children and, more recently, how he gets his children’s name tattooed.

As if this were not enough, Meirivione revealed some time ago that Marcelo had been unfaithful to her, a plot that many followed with interest. Fortunately, for the sake of their family, the couple overcame their problems. Another bizarre twist in her daily life was the attempted kidnapping of her first child, Marcelinho, which ended happily. The birth of her two twin daughters, Emilia and Marcela, in a clinic (with photos and videos of the birth), was also followed by local media and YouTube accounts.

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