Melendi opens up to SER after his emotion in the Oviedo game: “It’s an incredible feeling” | Sports

Melendi opens up to SER after his emotion in the Oviedo game: “It’s an incredible feeling” | Sports
Melendi opens up to SER after his emotion in the Oviedo game: “It’s an incredible feeling” | Sports

Real Oviedo has beaten RCD Espanyol in the first leg of the play-off final for promotion to the First Division by 1-0 thanks to a goal from Alemao in the second half. In addition to playing a great game, the Asturians have been pushed by Melendi, who in the run-up to the match has starred in one of the most magical moments of the season in Spanish football. At the foot of the field, he has sung his legendary song ‘Volveremos’ alongside the more than 30,000 gorges of Carlos Tartiere. Something exciting that has made all lovers of this sport stand on end.

In ‘Carrusel Canalla’, the Asturian singer has confessed that it has been “an incredible sensation” for him: “Antón, you know well that those of us who are outside Asturias have long ago left aside the issue of rivalry that is football , but we love Asturias the same. I confess that I also pushed for Sporting against Espanyol, which I think it deserved it today, the field… Imagine 23 years fighting for this, it seems very difficult. The Second is very complicated and when you reach this point, you feel like a strong, dominant team and justly deserving of the victory against Espanyol,” he explained.

In addition, he has also spoken about the great controversy of the match, a second goal disallowed against Oviedo that practically defined the tie. “I’ll have to get home to see that second goal because… (laughs). Don’t tell me it’s not clear (laughs). It doesn’t matter, in the end you never know if it’s better to go 1-0, 2-0 and trust… God will tell what will happen to us in Barcelona. We are a team that competes on any field and by scoring there we make it very difficult for them,” Melendi assured in tune with Cadena SER.

“Oviedo is his fan, just like Sporting”

Melendi has defined what football is for him, something not frivolous, as some describe: “Sometimes people think that football is something frivolous and it is something football. Notice that the song begins saying: ‘I have cut myself and my blood It’s been blue since the day my father took me to Carlos Tartiere.’ My father was on the field today, we managed to bring him in and when you have that in your head, football is not just football. He lived it, he cried, he laughed… “It’s a mix of emotions,” he said. For this reason, he recalled in ‘Carrusel Canalla’ that when he made the song, promotion “was utopian, but Oviedo is his fan, as is Sporting. There are teams that will always have a First Division soul and always aspire to the best. If not this year, it will be next.”

Melendi, who is immersed in his ’20 years without news’ tour, has explained what his routine will be before Sunday, the day on which the second leg is played: “We will try to start thinking when the game arrives. Now it’s time to continue with life, enjoy everything and we’ll get nervous. I play in Zaragoza on Saturday, so I’m just a stone’s throw away. We’ll see if I go.

Finally, Antón Meana told him, laughing, that footballers like Pedri, Griezmann or Mbappé cannot be deprived of stepping on the Principality of Asturias: “Not stepping on it, if we go up we will sign them. How are they going to say no to Oviedo, they would be crazy (laughs). If I could sign a player from the world? I don’t know. Someone who is a great player and who makes a team. I think I’d go with Pedri, it would be something spectacular,” he concluded. the singer on Cadena SER.

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