One by one, all the winners of the Martín Fierro de Radio 2024

One by one, all the winners of the Martín Fierro de Radio 2024
One by one, all the winners of the Martín Fierro de Radio 2024

Fer Dente and Karina Mazzocco host Martín Fierro de la Radio

Martín Fierro catches up with the radio. With a great ceremony in the Rural, the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA) rewards the last two seasons on AM and FM with the great figures of the ether. With the driving of Karina Mazzocco and Fer Dente and transmission of America, the media most loved by Argentines dresses up for a new award ceremony, which, as usual, takes place between joys, sadness and controversies.

It all had started at 7 p.m. on the red carpet, with Flor de la V, Guido Záffora and Pampito, who received nominees and celebrities who dressed in tune with the occasion. After the speech of Luis Ventura, president of APTRA, began the awards ceremony. And there, Eternally Beatles He broke the ice by taking the award for the musical program.

In addition to the 37 categories in which the ceremony was organized, five special awards will be awarded. The first was for the 2×4, the FM that raises the flag of the diffusion of tango. Then came those of Maria Esther Sanchezpresented by Teté Coustarot; to Radio Splendidwith a preview with the unmistakable style of Silvio Soldán, to Enrique Macaya Marquezwho received it from the hands of Marcelo Polino After an emotional presentation of Gustavo Lopez and the last one was Juan Alberto Mateykowho was moved by a greeting from a distance Jose Luis Cougar Rodriguez and the prize from the hands of Nancy Duré.

  • Bread and circuses (Radio Rivadavia)
  • Lanata Without Filter (Radio Miter)
  • Someone has to say it (Radio Miter)
  • And now who can help us (Radio with you)
  • The immense minority (Radio with you)
  • From here on (Urbana Play)
  • Nobody stops us (Rock & Pop)
  • Chronicle of an announced afternoon (Radio Rivadavia) – WINNER
  • Pastor 910 (The Network)
  • Second Dose (Radio 10)
  • Things Happened (Radio with you) – WINNER
  • Everything happens (Urbana pay)
  • Beastly Afternoons (Rock & Pop)
  • Don’t leave it for tomorrow (Radio with you)
Flor de la V led the red carpet (Nicolas Stulberg)
Flor de la V led the red carpet (Nicolas Stulberg)
  • Bravo Continental (Radio Continental) – WINNER
  • The radio is you (Radio Rivadavia)
  • Doctor C (Radio 10)
  • Splendid (Radio Colonia)
  • The Moro club (La 100)
  • Lap and a half (Urbana play)
  • Street dogs (Urbana play)
  • Cristina Pérez (Radio Rivadavia) – WINNER
  • Dominique Metzger (Continental Radio)
  • Paula Trápani (Radio Del Plata)
  • Elizabeth Vernaci (Pop radio)
  • Julieta Pink (Urbana play) – WINNER
  • Maju Lozano (La 100)
  • Marcelo Bonelli (Radio Miter)
  • Daniel López (Radio Continental) – WINNER
  • Diego Brancatelli (AM 750)
The shortlist of shows, one of the most controversial (Martin Fierro Radio Press)
The shortlist of shows, one of the most controversial (Martin Fierro Radio Press)
  • Sebastián Wainraich (Urbana Play)
  • Beto Casella (Rock & Pop)
  • Martín Ciccioli (Rock & Pop)
  • Santiago del Moro (La 100)
  • Magui Aicega (Rock & Pop)
  • Marcelo Palacios (The Network)
  • Hernán Feller (DSports)
  • Gustavo López (The Network)
  • Ariel Tarico (Radio Rivadavia)
  • Patricio Muzzio (The Network)
  • Rolo Villar (Radio Miter)
  • Homero Pettinato (Pop Radio)
Samuel Chiche Gelblung (Adrián Escandar)
Samuel Chiche Gelblung (Adrián Escandar)
  • Chiche Gelblung (Radio Del Plata) – WINNER
  • Teté Coustarot (Radio 10)
  • Juan Carlos Del Missier (Radio Miter)
  • Radio La Red – WINNER
  • Radio Miter
  • DSports Radio 103.1
  • Marina Calabro (Radio Miter) – WINNER
  • Yanina Latorre (The Observer)
  • Tamara Pettinato (Radio with you)
  • Pia Shaw (CNN Radio)
  • Marcela Tauro (La 100)
  • Ladran Sancho (Radio Miter)
  • Blackie Night (Blackie) – WINNER
  • Aspen night
  • Chronicles of a long-winded bohemian (Radio Colonia)
  • Domingo 910 (La Red) – WINNER
  • Between wines and vinyl (La folklorica)
  • The allowed of the week (AM 770)
  • Super Miter sports (Radio Miter) – WINNER
  • The sports oral (Radio Rivadavia)
  • Fútbol 910 (The Network)
  • Eternally Beatles (Del Plata) – WINNER
  • Many hits (Lots of Radio)
  • Bocacci to clean tango (Cooperative)
  • Two gardenias (National Radio)
  • Books that bite (AM 1110) – WINNER
  • Wonderful Things (Radio 10)
  • Stories from our history (National Radio)
Emiliano Pinsón (Martin Fierro Radio Press)
Emiliano Pinsón (Martin Fierro Radio Press)
  • Columbus Stories (CNN Radio) – WINNER
  • To infinity and beyond (El Destape)
  • The Eye of Art (Radio Metro) – WINNER
  • Mariana Contartesi (La Red) – WINNER
  • Carolina Amoroso (Radio with you)
  • Laura Medina (AM 750)
  • Jesica Bossi (Radio Miter)
  • Nancy Pazos (Radio 10)
  • María O’Donnell (Radio with you) – WINNER
  • Jorge Lanata (Radio Miter)
  • Lucas Morando (Radio Rivadavia)
  • Ernesto Tenembaum (Radio with you) – WINNER
  • Eduardo Feinmann (Radio Miter)
  • Nelson Castro (Radio Rivadavia)
  • Alejandro Bercovich (Radio with you)
  • Right to information (AM 750)
  • The Information Network (The Network)
  • The Air Rotary (Radio Rivadavia) – WINNER
  • Miter Informs First (Radio Miter)
  • Always news (Radio 10)
  • Fernanda Carbonell (La 100)
  • Nora Briozzo (Del Plata) – WINNER
  • Yamila Segovia (Radio with you)
  • Pablo Matus (Rock & Pop)
  • Valmiro Mainetti (AM 750)
  • Luis Albornoz (The Network)
  • Julián Ingratta (AM 750) – WINNER
  • Karina Labraña and team (Radio Miter)
  • Andrea Rodríguez and team (Radio Miter)
  • Daniel Mollo (Del Plata)
  • Walter Nelson (The Network)
  • Gabriel Anello (Radio Miter)
  • Leo Gentili (The Network)
Liliana Parodi
Liliana Parodi
  • Sofía Martínez (Urbana Play)
  • Emiliano Pinsón (DSports) – WINNER
  • Fernando Pacini (Radio Miter)
  • Martín Liberman (Radio Late)
  • Adrián Ajón (Mitre)
  • Rubén Paredes (The Network)
  • Eduardo Seisdedos (FM 100) – WINNER
  • Julián Echevarría and Marcelo Martínez (Rock & Pop)
  • Marcelo Rojas (La 2×4)
  • Leo Rodríguez (Aspen) – WINNER
  • Marcelo Neira (Del Plata)
  • Mercedes Ninci (Mitre) – WINNER
  • Rosario Bigozzi (The Network)
  • Marcela Ojeda (Continental)
  • Jorge Fernández Díaz (Mitre) – WINNER
  • Rosario Ayerdi (The Network)
  • Claudio Zuchovicki (Vorterix)
  • Rolando Barbano (Mitre) – WINNER
  • Diego García Sáez (AM750)
  • Gustavo D’Elía (Del Plata)
  • Silvio Klein (Del Plata)
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