How are the occupants of the car?

The impressive crash and rollover that occurred in the early hours of this Sunday on Mariano Moreno and Route 151 in Cipolletti, involving a car whose driver was traveling at high speed after escaping from a municipal checkpoint, miraculously left only one person injured.

It was precisely the girl driving the gray Chevrolet Agile who suffered a broken collarbone. She had been under observation, but as the hours passed she was discharged, reported from the local hospital, from where she highlighted the work carried out given the magnitude of the incident.

Meanwhile, his companions, who were finally confirmed to be four and all young, suffered minor injuries and bruises. One boy had a cut wound in the frontal region and scalp, but he was fine. The other three were admitted with pain in their hands and ankles and did not require sutures. They were also able to retire to their homes.

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According to reports, they live in the town of Villa Manzano and possibly some of them in Contralmirante Cordero. Although another version indicated that they are Cipoleños.

It is presumed that they had spent the night in a bowling alley or bar in the city center.

Around 6:20 they left along Roca Street towards Mengelle.

But right on that corner an operation was carried out in which municipal inspectors accompanied by police from the MBA – Motorized Support Brigade – verified personal and vehicle documentation, in addition to carrying out breathalyzer tests on the drivers.

Everything indicates that they wanted to avoid that test, because the Agile made a “U” turn and hit and returned the wrong way through Roca, to turn at 25 de Mayo in the direction of Alem.

Police officers on motorcycles immediately followed them, who upon arriving at 9 de Julio and Mengelle observed the fugitive vehicle that quickly took Mariano Moreno towards National Route 151.

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However, upon reaching the diverter located at that intersection, the car collided head-on and violently against the concrete structure, and as a consequence it overturned, leaving its wheels up.

The presence of health personnel and also Volunteer Firefighters was urgently required, given that one of the occupants had been trapped in the cabin.

Members of the Road Safety Corps had to order the rest of the vehicular traffic, given that the Agile had been left in the middle of the path leading north.

Later, members of the Criminalistics Office showed up to carry out the usual expert work in this type of accident, since a legal case was initiated.

In the place, pieces of glass and remains of plastic and sheet metal had been scattered.

Risky work

Municipal Transit employees have to face hostile reactions from drivers who get upset when they are subjected to controls. They receive insults and threats, if not physical attacks, as happened in the procedures carried out at the beginning of the month, when an employee was hit by the car and another colleague had his hand injured. There are also those who escape, putting at risk the personal safety, that of the people who accompany them and those who travel on public roads, as happened with the young people of Agile.

In addition to that episode that captured all the attention, in this Sunday’s operation the agents seized 14 vehicles, 13 of them for positive blood alcohol levels, the highest being 1.77 gr/l. In total, 36 minutes were drawn up due to different irregularities, such as lack of documentation. They also retained 10 licenses, 3 because they were expired.

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