Metroid Prime 4 or GTA V? Warming up for the Nintendo Direct

Metroid Prime 4 or GTA V? Warming up for the Nintendo Direct
Metroid Prime 4 or GTA V? Warming up for the Nintendo Direct

The Switch news that will fill the remainder of 2024, in the final stretch until its successor is known, will be collected in a Nintendo Direct presentation that the company has officially scheduled this June. Once the dust of the Summer Game Fest and the respective rounds of PlayStation, Xbox and Ubisoft have settled, the Japanese company only has two dates left to broadcast its program: either this week, or next week. Or Tuesday, or Wednesday, according to tradition.

Come June’s Nintendo Direct, fans are already speculating what it will cover. The most optimistic are waiting for the first action sample of Metroid Prime 4, a game that was presented for Switch but that suffered a ‘development hell’ including two changes of hands and it would be surprising if it did not go to the manufacturer’s next console. But what if Samus Aran appears with Metroid 6 in a new side development installment, perhaps developed by MercurySteam as Metroid Dread?

Other more conservative bets talk about remakes and remasters of the Gamecube era. Since Metroid Prime Remastered succeeded last year, it would be logical to see a less elaborate compilation of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to complete the Retro trilogy on Switch. And speaking of compilations, it was an open secret for several years that Nintendo had prepared the two Zeldas for the cubic console, The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD, coming from Wii U, to launch somewhere in the calendar. What better hole than this? Of course, there are others who would prefer to play A Link Between Worlds in HD…

Then the craziest ideas remain. Has the time come for the missing Hollow Knight Silksong after skipping multiple showcases and becoming a meme? Will Grand Theft Auto V become a reality for Switch in the most notable absence of its entire catalog? And with the double surprise of LEGO Horizon Adventures and Civilization VI in the hybrid, will Microsoft counterattack with its maligned Hi-Fi Rush or will it wait for Switch 2?

At Gamereactor we know some games that will appear in the Direct and that we cannot tell you about, but none are among these bets prior to the presentation. What titles do you expect to see for Switch in the remainder of the year? And what would be your dream advertisement?

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