The great escape in reverse

This pleasantly memorable film narrates the escape from the prisoner camps of the Second World War and shows us respect for the international conventions monitored by the Red Cross.

However, in Venezuela – extrapolating what happened in the aforementioned film – it happens the other way around; as a result of the resurgence of actions and lessons of democracy through peaceful means, which without a doubt have convinced the people and the entire world about change.
This has generated the preparation of the escape of the henchmen from the gigantic prison that they turned Venezuela into in 25 years, expelling 9 million throughout the world, beheading their future and looting the wealth without any contemplation.

We find ourselves, then, facing “the great escape in reverse”; interesting topic for a story that would inspire screenwriter James Clavell himself.

The search for justice has awakened in the streets of the country and tyranny fears the decision of a people beaten for half a century.

Misplaced as they are, they accentuate their meaningless adventures in view of the world because they have not understood the impossibility of hiding reality and tricks are insufficient for this purpose.

Destructive socialism cannot carry out a successful electoral campaign, because it lacks the main element: popular support.

They have been recommended to establish agreements to leave and free the population that desperately suffers from the calamity generated, since they have not been able to; They have become accustomed to lying, to deception, to false dancing to the rhythm of prohibited and destructive practices; life as a mockery of others; the vividness of the illicit poster. Another element of an international nature predominates there: the application that hangs over their heads, scanned and evaluated.

Problems continue that must be treated with temperance and serenity:

They are not a homogeneous group, they are made up of bands today in a state of anxiety. The example of their behavior is what happened with the confrontation that arose over the PDVSA loot, demonstrating the gigantic thefts that have collapsed the Venezuelan economic system. They are criminal activities of a universal nature.

The palace houses the spinal column. The main tyrant scores 33 positions on the “Miraflores train” – with Saab front man included – and deploys his diplomatic force towards Mexico, there they have built expensive properties and penetrated the financial system under illegal mechanisms that the government of the day looks askance at.

The tyranny maintains large investments in Türkiye, Iran, Belarus and Moscow. It offers to preserve the large wasted capital in its coffers.
What’s more, it has the presidential ramp at the Maiquetía Airport, which has seen increased activity in recent times.

The dismembered PSUV, with a weakened maso, made up of families of economic power in the Seniat, figureheads and soldiers with faded uniforms and scared looks. They have landing and takeoff runways in several states and two in the greater metropolitan area.

However, the brawl between these two important groups worsens in the week that concludes with the dismissal of bands of judges from the metropolitan area. Prominent dwarfs under Cabello’s command, violators of human rights and authors of crimes against humanity, such as those committed by Judge Grendy Duque and another group of extortionists in the judiciary. Diosdado Cabello, marginalized from the command platform, is close to his trial and is on the edge of the dungeon. They are studying offering it as an electoral trophy.

Godfather, a Russian agent, is prepared for the trip to Moscow with family and aides-de-camp. Gorrín and his dwarf negotiate with the DEA. Many of them willing to hand over part of their voluminous fortunes and tell everything they know. Maikel Moreno negotiates for his part and asks for protection in Italy. The bolichicos are already installed in the big capitals with copious fortunes and they care little about what happens in the country. The rest, lone wolves looking for their lair.

Lust post bellum and transitional justice will now be requested by those who cannot board the aircraft of tyranny. The authoritarian regime comes to an end

Justice is knocking at the door.

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