“He is not a working journalist”

“He is not a working journalist”
“He is not a working journalist”

Vito Quiles is one of the most visible faces of the Se Acabó la Fiesta platform, through which Alvise Pérez, whose press chief, has won three seats in the European Parliament in the elections of June 9. He has also been an accredited professional as a press member in the Congress of Deputies. The Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, has referred to him as a “bag of shit” on social networks. Now, the FAPE (Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain) has ruled out giving protection to Quiles.

“What is clear is that he is NOT an active journalist, since he has appeared as a candidate on the SALF list for the European Parliament (position 57) and the status of candidate for political office is incompatible with that of an active journalist,” says a statement issued this Monday by the professional organization.

The FAPE can issue declarations of protection to professionals affiliated with the associations that comprise it or on general issues that affect freedom of expression, “but not to citizens who do not have the status of journalist.” “The FAPE considers, therefore, that the confrontation between Mr. Quiles and the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, is a conflict between two politicians and that there is no reason to admit the request for protection,” the statement said.

The association goes one step further, since it considers that Quiles “has systematically violated the FAPE code of ethics and his information does not comply with the principle of truthfulness protected by article 20 of the Spanish Constitution.” The association recalls that Vito Quiles has an open case for the alleged crime of libel and slander.

The Association of Parliamentary Journalists (APP) already expressed its rejection a few days ago at the presence of people linked to political parties working as journalists in Congress and the Senate, in reference to the presence at press conferences of Vito Quiles, agitator of extreme right, candidate on the lists of the Party’s Over party in the 9J European elections and press chief of its leader, Alvise Pérez.

“From the APP we consider that being on the lists of a political party, coalition or electoral group as well as working or collaborating with any political party, coalition or electoral group is contrary to the ethics of the journalistic profession and, therefore, incompatible with access to an accreditation as a parliamentary journalist,” explains the statement issued by the association.

Óscar Puente’s insult

On this occasion, Puente’s attack against Quiles on social networks occurred after the latter accused the former of going to the Taylor Swift concert in Madrid a few weeks ago in an official car, leaving him in a prohibited area. “I’m going to explain it to you again, you sack of shit. That’s not my car. Neither official nor private. And I add more to you. You are broadcasting the license plate of a police vehicle. “I am going to personally make sure that you pay dearly,” said the Minister of Transport.

Beyond the fact that the FAPE does not provide protection to Quiles, it assures that the “insults of a public servant are “inappropriate” and are outside the coexistence and respect that must prevail in a rule of law.” “We ask that if he feels his rights have been violated by the opinions expressed by Mr. Quiles, he can go to the Complaints, Arbitration and Ethics Commission of the FAPE or, ultimately, to the Courts of Justice,” he emphasizes. .

“From FAPE we once again call on politicians and professionals to lower the level of tension, confrontation, and insults that, unfortunately, have become commonplace in our institutions and on different social networks,” the statement closes.

Appearance of Vito Quiles

Vito Quiles appeared last Thursday, June 13, before the Court of Instruction 18 of Seville, which is investigating him for insulting and slanderous questions, due to a complaint filed by the general secretary of the Facua consumer and user association, Rubén Sánchez.

The day before, the judge asked the Police to locate Quiles. The magistrate alluded to his “arrest” in an order, although sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia maintained that it was an “error” and that she only decreed that his whereabouts be found out to summon him as a defendant.

Also during the protests in front of the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz, the National Police arrested Alvise’s press chief for disobedience and attacking authority, as police sources informed elDiario.es at the time.

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