Wegow fires its sales director, involved in the homophobic attack at the Book Fair | Present

Wegow fires its sales director, involved in the homophobic attack at the Book Fair | Present
Wegow fires its sales director, involved in the homophobic attack at the Book Fair | Present

The world of music is revolutionized and it is not for something strictly musical. The ticketing platform Wegow “has decided to immediately terminate” the services of an employee who was present during the homophobic attack on journalist Fonsi Loaiza when he was signing books last Friday at the Book Fair.

The company does not explain at any time who it is, but the person fired is Enrique ‘Bubby’ Sanchís, the until now sales director of Wegow. In a video that has gone viral on social networks from the moment of the attack, you can see how someone begins to call the journalist a “faggot” or a “red shit” while Loaiza responds “that’s what Nazis do, homophobic shouts at a fair.” “. ‘Bubby’ Sanchís appears in the background but, according to Wegow in a first statement, they had been informed “of some very unfortunate comments published on social networks after the incident by that same employee.”

“Following the events that occurred this weekend in which a company employee was involved and after carrying out an exhaustive and detailed review of all of them,” Wegow has decided to fire him and the company takes advantage of this Monday to reiterate its ” firm and forceful rejection of any type of physical, verbal or emotional violence and any attitude or behavior that is not absolutely framed in the principles of freedom, respect and tolerance, which are those that our company has always defended and will defend.”

On social networks, some users pointed out that Bubby was one of the founders of the company, but Wegow wanted to “state that this statement is completely false”: “This employee began providing his services several years after the founding of Wegow”, they emphasize.

Some artists who sell tickets through the platform have decided to remove them from there, such as Los Chikos del Maíz, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro or Ska-P.

“We are changing the links for the Wegow tickets for the anniversary concerts that we manage to a new ticketing system. When the companies are cleaned up and there are no fucking nzis, we will talk,” said the Galician group Triángulo de Amor Bizarro. Producer Martin Perarnau goes further: “The truth is that I am equally surprised and terrified by the general silence of the entire homeland indie upon learning that for so many years they have had an abusive Nazi in the next dressing room and also selling your concert tickets. Thanks for nothing, again.”

The band Aiko the Group also laments the “double standard”: “If one is a sexual harasser, like someone who hears it rain. But since he is ALSO a Nazi, the Indian guys get angry that you don’t see. Have you been angry when he was a sexual harasser, right? Well, ke typical”.

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