Iberseries announces US Day and participation of international investment funds

Iberseries announces US Day and participation of international investment funds
Iberseries announces US Day and participation of international investment funds

The fourth edition of Iberseries & Platino Industria will be held from October 1 to 4 in Matadero Madrid, promoted by EGEDA and Fundación Secuoya.

Iberseries & Platino Industria announced a preview of its programming for the 2024 edition, which highlights the holding of a US Day Day dedicated to US Hispanic content and the participation of large international financial funds for audiovisual content.

The event will show an exclusive program of conferences, keynotes and spotlights with executives and figures from the sector, to promote the meeting of professionals that make up the Ibero-American film and audiovisual industry, contribute to its promotion and establish common links between the different agents involved.

The fourth edition of Iberseries & Platino Industria will be held from October 1 to 4 in Matadero Madrid, promoted by EGEDA and Fundación Secuoya, in collaboration with FIPCA, with the support of the Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, ICEX Spain Export and Investment and the sponsorship of Madrid Film Office and Film Madrid.

This event is configured as a unique meeting space for studios, platforms, television networks, creatives, producers, distributors, buyers, financiers, organizations and entities dedicated to content in Spanish and Portuguese worldwide.

Its purpose is to provide visibility to Ibero-American feature films and series, energize the connection of business and talent, promote international co-production and the commercialization of content to strengthen projects and new financing opportunities.

Participation of international financial funds

The large international financial funds for audiovisual content will be protagonists of several conferences and other scheduled activities, confirming their presence Miguel Doria (Arcano Asset & Capital Finance, Spain), Georgina Borbolla (Bold Finance, Mexico), Tyler Gould (BondIt Media Capital, USA ), Ilan Arboleda (Creative Chaos VMG, USA), Paula Manzanedo (Film Finances, USA), Andrés Sánchez Pajares (Filmika Audiovisual, Spain), Diego Rodríguez (La Charito Films, Spain), Joyce Zylberberg (Screen Capital, Chile), Fernando de Miguel (Wandermoon Finance, Spain), to which new entities will be added.

These sessions will discuss the current state of the industry, the development of new business models and their strategies and associations. Given the global financial uncertainty, the different financing models will be delved into to determine the appropriate approach according to needs.

Venture capital funds and private equity investors will talk about what they are looking for, what they ask for in return and the importance of risk mitigation.

Other issues that will be analyzed will be how to finance and structure projects within a market in continuous transformation, facilitating what financial resources exist associated with the creation and distribution of content. As well as the role of production companies and studios in obtaining financing for film and television projects.


Iberseries & Platino Industria 2024 will dedicate a day to US Hispanic content, with a notable participation of international professionals working in the US for content in Spanish.

In this way, US Hispanic stories will have a place in the conference program. The executives will reflect on how to approach the creation of films and series, the needs of the commissioners, how they understand this audience, their language, and how the industry can improve to bring to the market authentic projects that are liked by US Hispanics and result in commercial success. .

Under the leadership of hit creators, you will discover how to produce this type of content. Leonardo Zimbrón, SVP International Coproduction & SP Features of 3Pas Studios (USA) and Luis Balaguer, CEO & Co-founder of Latin World Entertainment (USA) will participate.

On the other hand, the attractiveness of the Ibero-American market for the USA will be examined, as it is a growing market with the possibility of achieving lower costs and collaborating with local talents. They will discuss the opportunities and ways of co-producing between the US and Ibero-American territories apart from service, the impact of different business models and creativity. With the participation, among others, of Jacobo Aparicio, International Director of Anonymous Content (USA).

Remakes beyond adaptations are another of the topics that will be put on the table. What are the reasons for adapting content, buying a format that has been successful to minimize costs, avoid risks and be an incentive to reach other audiences.

You will approach experts in adaptations if success is easy to repeat, which countries are to find IPs, how to create a franchise from the beginning and how to preserve the authenticity of the original concept.

Advance programming of conferences, keynotes and spotlights

In the program of Conferences, Keynotes and Spotlights, various areas will be addressed to reflect on the current and future of the Ibero-American audiovisual industry, including Keys to business and innovation, Creativity and talent, Education and Audiovisual, Financing and business and Market Intelligence .

Spotlights will be held with leading international companies such as Anonymous Content, with the participation, among other representatives, of Jacobo Aparicio, International Director of Anonymous Content (USA); also with The Mediapro Studio, which will be attended by Marta Ezpeleta, Head of Distribution, Co-Production & International Offices (The Mediapro Studio, Spain), who will occupy the position of general director of The Mediapro Studio from 2025; Daniel Burman, Head of Content US (The Mediapro Studio, Argentina); Juan Carlos Aparicio, Head of Development (The Mediapro Studio, Colombia); Catalina Porto, Head of The Mediapro Studio México & Colombia; and Diego Robino, Founder & Business Director (Cimarrón, Uruguay).

Alberto Carullo, VP MAX Local Original Production Iberia & Italy of Max and Laura Carafoli, SVP Content Networks & Streaming Local Productions Southern Europe of Max, will also be part of the Iberseries & Platino Industria Spotlights.

The Walt Disney Company Spain will present another of the scheduled content Spotlights, which will be assisted by Sofía Fábregas, VP Original Production Disney+ (Spain).

RTVE, Atresmedia and Movistar Plus+ will participate in the programming of activities with the presentation of various contents, which will be announced soon.

The figure of the showrunner will once again have weight in the conferences with the most influential creators of the moment, where they will announce what they are developing, who they are producing with and what stories will soon be seen on screen. What are the sources of inspiration for IPs and what opportunities are they generating. Led by, among others, Ramón Campos, CEO of Bambú Producciones (Spain) and creator of the recent and successful series The Asunta case; and the screenwriter Diego San José, creator of Sky blue (Spain).

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