Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year: Why is it celebrated? – The Sun of Hidalgo

Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year: Why is it celebrated? – The Sun of Hidalgo
Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year: Why is it celebrated? – The Sun of Hidalgo

Do you know that there is a day that is considered the happiest day of the year? Also known as the Yellow Day, This day, in addition to being a special occasion that gives us multiple reasons to smile and reflect on our happiness, is also a date to joyfully celebrate the arrival of summer, the proximity of the holidays and enjoy a greater number of hours of light of the day thanks to Summer Solstice.

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How did this day come about?

He Yellow Day began to make a tradition since 2005, arose as a contrast to Blue Monday or “The saddest day of the year”, which takes place every year in January.

But also, the choice to commemorate this day is not a coincidence, because according to expert psychologists and meteorologists, statistically, June 20 is the happiest day of the year because it manages to coincide with several circumstances that make most people happy, such as they are, the arrival of summer with pleasant temperatures and with this, the arrival of the end of school year vacationnot only in basic education but in most educational levels and one of the astronomical phenomena known as the summer solstice, what makes him day is the longest of the year.

Furthermore, its name refers to the yellow color, one of the colors that, according to psychology, is related to sunlight, so it radiates warmth, energy, life; also the joy, fun, innovation, optimism, the striking.

How to celebrate this day?

Since recording this day, every time There are more people who come together to celebratebecause in different parts of the world, there are those who stop to think about their own happiness, and take advantage of it to carry out activities that make them happy, starting by making them laugh a lot.

Some ideas to celebrate this day are to make outdoor activitiescombine with nature, enjoy places with beautiful landscapes, full of tranquility, have a picnic and ride a bike; or if your thing is more the atmosphere and the company of your family and friends, having a meeting or a party would be the ideal plan.

If you want a simpler plan, you can organize an outing with your friendstell jokes, remember happy moments that you have lived with them, or do the activity that they like the most.

For those who enjoy spending time alone, this day You can also dedicate yourself to pampering yourself for a while, either with a spa afternoon at home, with your favorite food and drink and leaving aside all the worries and pending tasks that cause stress. You can also have a movie afternoon at home or reading your favorite book.

This Yellow Day let’s take advantage to raise awareness and, above all, to appreciate what we have: our friends, our family, our partner and all the good things that life offers us.

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