Patricia Conde returns to TVE with a comedy program after her harsh accusations against ‘Masterchef’

La 1 premieres on Monday, June 17 ‘Invictus, do you dare?’, the Spanish version of the successful British show ‘A League of Their Own’. This format, produced by RTVE in collaboration with BOXFISH, has 18 seasons in England and international versions in the United States, Australia, Germany and Denmark, and promises to bring fun and entertainment by fusing sport, humor and celebrities in an unparalleled competition.

‘Invictus, do you dare?’ is a comedy show and crazy competitions in which two celebrity teams, red team and blue team, face each other in a series of physical and mental challenges. Each episode will feature famous athletes, comedians and entertainment personalities who will test their skills, sports knowledge and sense of humor in a competitive environment full of camaraderie.

Patricia Conde returns to TVE after her statements on ‘Masterchef’

Txuca Pereira

The actress and television presenter starred in a controversy with the producer of the La 1 space, who accused of manipulation and allowing two contestants to take drugs during recordings. Although she was expelled in the fourth show of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, the presenter returned in the repechage with the desire to succeed. She became again favorite for victory, but the opportunity slipped through his fingers in the last outdoor test.

Txuca Pereira

cHe argued against the program after an expulsion that he did not see as entirely fair at the gates of the finaland to justify his words he pulled the blanket, discovering some supposed details that were not seen on camera, such as boycotts of dishes by the organization and accusations of drug use towards some colleagues

Two years later Patricia Conde returns as host of ‘Invictus’. In addition, two great football gloriesJoan Capdevilla and José Manuel Pintowill be the captains of each team, who will be accompanied by two funny comedians, David Fernández and Susi Caramelo.

patricia conde invictus
Txuca Pereira

Everything will take place on a set converted into a sports court. The cream of the sport and the stages of this country will pass through there. Actors Carlos Areces and Fernando Gil will be the guests of the first program.

They will follow them in other deliveries Pepe Reina, Lolita, Boris Izaguirre, Bibiana Fernández, Loles León, Amaya Valdemoro, Fonsi Nieto, Iván Helguera, Feliciano López or Julio Iglesias Junior, … A great television show that will allow you to get a little closer to the greatest sporting myths of Spain and other celebrities in Spain and see them in situations never seen before.

In ‘Invictus, Do You Dare?’ Nothing is impossible, and this is what the most successful athletes in this country will show us: Olympic stars, gold medalists and true kings of the podium who will be in charge of motivating their teammates. A program where laughter and anecdotes are guaranteed, an injection of adrenaline and good energy that will liven up the television schedule with its entertaining question panels, its contest dynamics and the craziest games… Do you dare to play with us?

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