Rozalén opens up about gender violence and music as a weapon of protest

“Is a imaginary violet doorwhich is the color of the women’s struggle. And it’s a song imagined in my head, after be in a moment in which I did not feel happy or joyful, nor at ease, nor safe,” Rozalén begins.

The artist explains to the unique reporters how has it felt when some people have not understood his relationships and how he decided to express it precisely in that song: “Because there are times when you are with your girlfriend, that you want to make her feel very good and very happy, but there are people who think not. So that violet door is precisely that liberation, saying “If someone loves you, they have to love you well, free and happy.”

Rozalén is excited to hear a unique reporter sing ‘The Violet Door’

When Nuria Garrido17 years old, launches into sing Rozalén her song ‘The Violet Door’, the interpreter can’t help but get excited. Together they star in some of the most compelling moments in ‘100% Únicos’.

Rozalén, about the sexist violence she has suffered: “I felt psychologically humiliated”

Rozalén also answers the question of “Do I want to know how you got over that man’s relationship that has hurt you both physically and psychologically?” and clarifies that, although he did not suffer physical abuse, he did suffer psychological damage.

“Me I have never been physically abusedbut I felt psychologically humiliated, which is what I was talking about in that song. What happens is that since music is like that, each person makes the interpretation that they consider,” Rozalén explains to the reporters of ‘100% Únicos’.

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