The municipality carries out gas and electricity works in several schools and gardens in Villamarienses

These days, the municipality of Villa María is carrying out electrical reinforcement works and replacement of gas pipes in different schools and kindergartens.

Specifically, the Villamariense commune specified that the work aims to improve comprehensive conditions in public educational establishments. Likewise, they highlighted that the work ranges from infrastructure improvements through masonry, installation of heaters and new electrical installations in eleven institutions.

It should be noted that the works benefit the San Martín, Alberdi, Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield, José Estrada and Justo José de Urquiza primary schools, as well as the Urquiza, José Manuel Estrada, José Ingenieros, José Mármol, Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield gardens, Republic of Paraguay.

Finally, they indicated that these actions are added to the Heated Schools program that is articulated with FODEMEEP and Aurora, through which the municipality delivered electric fan heaters and designated heaters.

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Photo: General San Martín Department.

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