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“How do you know if a car is reported stolen in Colombia?”

Verification through the National Police

One of the most reliable methods to verify if a car is reported stolen is to consult directly with the Colombian National Police. The Police offer an online service through their website, where you can check the status of the vehicle using the license plate number. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of the Colombian National Police.

2. Look for the online services or vehicle inquiries section.

3. Enter the car’s license plate number in the appropriate field.

4. Wait for the search results.

Driving license. (Reference image) | Photo: Photo: RUNT / Colprensa

Use of the RUNT platform

The Single National Transit Registry (RUNT) is another essential tool to verify the status of a vehicle in Colombia. The RUNT collects and manages information on all vehicles registered in the country, including reports of theft. To use this platform, follow these steps:

1. Access the RUNT website.

2. Select the vehicle inquiry option.

3. Enter the license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN).

4. Review the information provided, which will include property details, violation history, and possible theft reports.

The RUNT is a reliable and official source, and consulting through this platform can help prevent the purchase of a vehicle with a criminal record.

Last year, almost 800,000 used cars were transferred, according to RUNT figures. (Getty)

Consultations on private platforms

There are several private online platforms that offer vehicle verification services in Colombia. These platforms collect data from various sources, including the National Police and the RUNT, to provide detailed information about the vehicle’s history. Some of the most popular include:

To use these platforms, you typically need to follow these steps:

1. Access the website of the selected platform.

2. Enter the vehicle license plate number in the appropriate field.

3. Pay a nominal fee if necessary.

4. Receive a detailed report on the status of the vehicle.

Last August, 23,305 new cars were sold in the country. The figure shows an increase of 8.7% compared to the same month in 2018 when 21,400 were sold, according to Runt figures. | Photo: El País Archive

These platforms can offer additional information, such as ownership history, reported accidents, and other relevant details, making them a useful tool for making informed decisions when purchasing a used car.

  • Check multiple sources: Use both the services of the National Police and the RUNT and private platforms to obtain a complete view of the vehicle’s history.
  • Ask for original documents: Ask the seller to show you the original documents of the car, such as the ownership card and the certificate of tradition and freedom.
  • Perform a physical inspection: In addition to online checks, do a physical inspection of the vehicle to verify that there are no signs of tampering on the vehicle identification numbers (VIN).
  • Consult an expert: If in doubt, consult a mechanic or vehicle expert to get a professional opinion on the condition of the car.

By following these steps and recommendations, you can minimize the risk of purchasing a stolen vehicle and ensure a legal and safe transaction. Buying a used car can be a big financial decision, but it is always best to take precautions to avoid future problems.

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