Five key moments that yesterday’s Nintendo Direct left us

Five key moments that yesterday’s Nintendo Direct left us
Five key moments that yesterday’s Nintendo Direct left us

As we tell you, there are games and sagas that whenever a NintendoDirect They appear as candidates to star in a game. In recent times there have been two who have taken over the bets, with a Metroid and a The Legend of Zelda So on that side, yesterday’s event satisfied those who had been waiting for news for years. Although not in the way they expected.

Five key moments from the Nintendo Direct

So let’s get to what matters. These were the five key moments from yesterday’s event that the Japanese carried out. Let’s go there:

1. The return of Dragon Quest

The announcement of the remasters of the first three Dragon Quest It was great news because they are releases that had not been updated before. So on that side, a huge joy for all the fans of the saga who, on top of that, were able to see Yuji Horii on screen officially presenting these remakes of his first three creatures.

2. Luigi and Mario are back

It is appreciated that Nintendo continues with this franchise on Switch and that, on top of that, it does so with an original game, not with a remaster or HD version of a previous cartridge. In this case, it seems that the two brothers return with a title that evolves the old formula of turn-based combat and gives themselves to a new look and very striking graphic finish.

3. Donkey Kong returns, but with nuances

Donkey Kong Country It is, for the subscriber, one of his favorite games from the 90s on SNES, and although many have appeared since, returning to those old platforms is always good. So this return in HD of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game has made us happy, although we would have preferred a new installment. So we’ll settle for this one if there’s nothing better.

4. Zelda stars in a Zelda without Link

Nintendo had a surprise in store for us when it presented us The Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom which, in reality, is not a Zelda as such, since the new protagonist, Zelda, has very different game mechanics from the usual ones in the saga. Our heroine will be able to clone objects and characters and use them to solve difficult situations or overcome obstacles: tables, beds, goblins… anything can be made by the princess. We’ll see how it goes.

5. Metroid Prime is back… finally!

The cherry on top of the Nintendo Direct was left to us Metroid Prime 4 Beyond that we will have it in 20205 for Nintendo Switch. Although from the images seen, it seemed to be already gameplay of the future Switch 2. So we will see if we are not facing the first release for the new generation, but also available for the previous one. Want to play it.

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