A 9-year-old boy dies in the explosion of a device inside a car

A 9-year-old boy dies in the explosion of a device inside a car
A 9-year-old boy dies in the explosion of a device inside a car

A 9 year old boy has died after explosion of an artifact near the city of Zadar, in Croatia. Three people have also been injured and at the moment there is a arrestedwhich is suspected of having transported the device in your vehicle.

Both the deceased, the injured and the arrested person are of Czech origin.

According to information from the Zadar Police Department, cited by the ‘EFE’ news agency, the man entered a camp with the minor. military training. The two were accompanied by relatives and friends in an area marked as dangerous. However, they did not heed the precautions which were advertised in Croatian and English.

During the visit the minor found an explosive device. He picked him up and took him to the car in which he was traveling with his family.

Through a statement released by the Croatian authorities, it was learned that tourism began to break down while driving on a county road. She stopped and at that moment, the minor removed the device from the vehicle although it’s over activating“, as the same sources explain.

The 9-year-old boy died instantly. On the other hand, two women aged 49 and 34 were injured as well as a 39-year-old man. All of them were transferred from urgency to the Zadar General Hospital.

The 46-year-old detainee could now undergo a judgment by criminal means. An investigation is currently underway in the vicinity of the explosion that aims to determine what device it was and its activation method.

Ibiza airport closed due to what ended up being a false bomb threat

On this Thursday afternoon we learned that a “security incident” caused Ibiza airport to be completely closed. All air traffic was suspended because, as shared by several passengers on a Ryanair flight leaving for Bergamo-Milan, a bomb warning had been given inside the plane.

Several flights were thus diverted to alternative airports initially. It was later confirmed that it was a fake bomb threatso air traffic returned to normal.

It seemed that the events had taken place before the plane, which was on the airport runway, took off. The Civil Guard inspected the area to confirm what was happening. A passenger, who was apparently under the influence of alcohol, He claimed to have brought a bomb so the plane returned to Ibiza. Later, the Civil Guard’s explosives deactivation group, the GEDEX, intervened and it was found that the alarm was completely false. The passenger who raised the alarm was thus detained.

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