Diego Rebagliati revealed why Jorge Fossati did not put Bryan Reyna in Peru vs. Chili

Diego Rebagliati revealed why Jorge Fossati did not put Bryan Reyna in Peru vs. Chili
Diego Rebagliati revealed why Jorge Fossati did not put Bryan Reyna in Peru vs. Chili

The renowned panelist explained the reasons why Jorge Fossati did not include Bryan Reyna in the Peruvian team’s first match against Chile.

Bryan Reyna was one of those absent from the goalless draw between Peru and Chile, and this has caused endless questions towards the Uruguayan technical director, Jorge Fossati, for not fielding him in this first match of the Copa América 2024.

This has caused commentator Diego Rebagliati, from Movistar Deportes, to explain the reason that the Peruvian team strategist had for not giving him a few minutes in this contest, ensuring that it had a lot to do with the reading that the Uruguayan had. For this reason, he mentioned that he preferred Paolo Guerrero to enter because he felt that together with Gianluca Lapadula they were going to generate more options within the Chilean area.

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“I have the feeling that Jorge Fossati read that the game was being played on Chile’s field, that we had more or less controlled the game and the double nine was going to be able to give us more options with Lapadula and Guerrero inside the area,” he said in the ‘DyT’ program.

On the other hand, Diego Rebagliati explained that Jorge Fossati had the order to put Bryan Reyna in if he saw that there were spaces for a counterattack to be played. “I had planned to put Bryan Reyna in if there were spaces to be able to counterpunch,” he said.

What was Bryan Reyna’s last game with the Peruvian team?

The last match that Bryan Reyna played in the Peruvian team was in the friendly against the Dominican Republic, a friendly duel that was played last March. In this match, the Belgrano de Córdoba footballer entered in the 60th minute to replace Gianluca Lapadula.

Will Bryan Reyna start in Peru vs. Canada?

Jorge Fossati contemplates the title of ‘spicante’ on the second date against Canada, the player would replace the Universitario forward, Edison Flores. It depends on the Uruguayan if he decides to place him from the beginning or as a shock.

This is how Reyna’s season with Belgrano is going

In total, in the 20 games played between the League Cup, Sudamericana, Professional League and Argentine Cup, he scored 4 goals and provided two assists, being one of the most unbalanced of the ‘pirate’ team.

What injury did Bryan Reyna have?

Before the friendlies and the start of the Copa América, coach Jorge Fossati indicated that Bryan Reyna had an injury. He did not specify what the exact discomfort he had was but it was known that he was suffering from pain in his right knee.

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