Mariano Gaido promised gas this year for 400 families in Neuquén

The mayor of Neuquén capital, Mariano Gaido, promised yesterday that 400 families in the city will have access to the gas network before the end of the year. It was not specified if it will be before the end of the cold winter months, which began just three days ago. He indicated that They will allocate about $500 million obtained by the surplus that the municipal accounts achieved.

Officially it was reported that the work has already begun in the Auca Mahuida sector for 160 families and will extend to the 15 sectors of the city who still do not have this basic supply, with a direct impact on another 400 beneficiary families.

“The national government has paralyzed the works and we have continued them,” declared Gaido, reiterating the differences that he usually makes explicit with the president.

The Neuquén mayor made the announcement during a tour of the drinking water project being carried out in Auca Mahuida, neighborhood that has been waiting for more than 15 years for the arrival of basic services. The president of the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning and Habitat, Marco Zapata, said that the drinking water work is 87% complete, in which 140 million pesos were invested.

“This is what I have been constantly saying, It cannot be that in the capital of Vaca Muerta and being the second gas reserve, we still have neighborhoods that do not have it. We got to work and here is the result,” added the communal chief during the tour he took yesterday.

Mariano Gaido spoke about the progress of the Dale Gas plan

“Not only in Auca Mahuida will the gas be contracted, but also for the 400 families of the entire city of Neuquén who live on municipal lands. We are going to develop the Dale Gas plan“, he insisted and reinforced: “The budget is approved, they are funds from the surplus destined for each of these works.”

He pointed out that this is possible by having “an efficient administration, we have the Municipality with organized accounts, it has no debt, we do not receive national or provincial funds.”

Officially There were no details of the date of completion of works, especially gas ones since they are a priority for the coldest months of the year.

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