Necessity has forced her to have to sell her attic

It caught our attention that in recent years Agatha Ruiz de la Prada became a television character with a presence on sets such as ‘Sálvame’, where he aimed and shot Pedro J. and aired his war with Carmen Lomana, ‘El Desafío’ and, most recently, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, a Telecinco contest where he has met with personalities of the stature of Miguel Torres, Elena Tablada and Adrián Lastra.

What is the reason for this need for sets? A question that worries, torments and disturbs us and to which we would already know the answer. As they have published in ‘Informalia’, the brand of the fashion victim has not obtained good results since the pandemic to the point that it has been forced to put its business up for sale. penthouse in the center of Madrid. Yes, the same one where she lived with her ex-husband and where her children Tristan and Cosima grew up.


In fact, according to the aforementioned media, the designer’s red numbers led her to sell one of her stores on the Golden Mile. An establishment that, at that time, ‘Value Plus Properties’ acquired: “God willing, I’m going to open my New, spectacular store, near Puerta de Alcalá. That’s going to make me look for a new house.. I would like to change my life completely with the change of store, although my life is quite good,” de la Prada assured ‘Hello!’ after the sale.


A ‘deluxe’ penthouse

Ágatha’s penthouse has 500 square meters managed in a large living room, six bedrooms, kitchen, seven bathrooms and a library. In addition, the house has a terrace with views of the Paseo de la Castellana and the Sierra de Madrid, in addition to housing a greenhouse inside. And this “agathized” home has been put up for sale, according to ‘OkDiario’, for 7.5 million euros. Wow, a bargain.

Photos | Gtres, Antena 3 and Telecinco

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