everything you need to know about the first US presidential debate

everything you need to know about the first US presidential debate
everything you need to know about the first US presidential debate

The United States is preparing to experience another significant historical event in the political sphere, with the arrival of the first presidential debate of 2024. On this occasion, the current president Joe Biden will face his opponent, the Republican Donald Trump, in a meeting that promises be very interesting.

The meeting will be organized by and broadcast by CNN, and is expected to last 90 minutes, with two commercial breaks.

It will be this Thursday, June 27 at 9:00 p.m. (Atlanta time) when Americans can see Biden vs. Trump face to face. It should be noted that the Biden vs Trump meeting can be seen on several television networks, Fox News and NBC.

The debate will not have an audience present and will not be organized by the Presidential Debate Commission. The importance of this debate could be clouded by simplifications that call for “closing the border” or labeling all migrants as “criminals,” something that Donald Trump has taken to the extreme.

“I will end each and every one of the Biden Administration’s open border policies,” the Republican has promised.

On the other hand, Biden has come out against Republican criticism. Last Tuesday he acknowledged that the American people’s patience and goodwill “are being tested” by their fears about the border, and accused Trump of taking advantage of those tragedies to dehumanize immigrants.

In a stronger tone, Biden warned that the United States can “embrace immigration,” securing the border and providing legal pathways for immigrants to citizenship, something that has been stuck in Congress for a decade.

Trump has only abandoned radical positions when last week he promised that, if he returned to the White House, he would grant automatic permanent residence (‘green card’) to those immigrants who graduate from college.

A Gallup poll in February found that immigration has become the issue of greatest concern to Americans with 55% saying that “the large number of immigrants entering the United States illegally” are a critical threat to vital American interests. country.

This first presidential debate will be crucial for the decision-making of the November 5 elections.

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