The Simpsons say goodbye to this classic character after 35 years

The Simpsons say goodbye to this classic character after 35 years
The Simpsons say goodbye to this classic character after 35 years

Caracas.- In an unexpected twist for the series, The Simpsons said goodbye to one of its longest-running characters in last Sunday’s episode, titled “Cremains Of The Day.” Larry, a regular customer at Moe’s Tavern since the series’ inception in 1989, died in the episode, leaving fans shocked and nostalgic.

According to the review in NME magazine, the death of Larry, a discreet character who used to go unnoticed in the back of the bar, has generated a stir on social networks, where fans have expressed their condolences and shared their memories of the dear companion of Homer.

In the episode, Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl are seen attending Larry’s funeral, where they realize how little they knew about him despite having known him for decades. This reflection leads Homer to question whether they have been “terrible people” for not knowing him better.

Larry’s mother gives a touching tribute at the funeral, mentioning the bar’s regulars as her son’s “best friends” and encouraging them to share a few words about him.

Later, the four friends are tasked with taking Larry’s ashes to his “special place”, Serenity Falls, after Larry’s mother gives them a group photo of them all together.

Larry’s death has left a void in The Simpsons and in the hearts of its fans. While he was a silent character and did not play a central role in the series’ plot, his presence at Moe’s bar for 35 years made him a familiar and beloved figure to many viewers.

The reactions on social networks have been varied, from sadness and nostalgia to surprise and even black humor. Some fans have expressed grief over Larry’s death, while others have shared memes and jokes about the character.

Larry’s death marks the end of an era on The Simpsons.

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