Who is the leader of La Casa de los Famosos 4 TODAY, April 30?

Who is the leader of La Casa de los Famosos 4 TODAY, April 30?
Who is the leader of La Casa de los Famosos 4 TODAY, April 30?

Written in NEWS he 4/30/2024 · 7:04 p.m.

The House of the Famous It gets better than ever, because tonight it was revealed to the inhabitant that he will have the possibility of continuing in the game without being nominated and the strategies are better than ever.

Every day, the inhabitants draw their best cards and the war to win the grand prize is in full swing, between demands and strong confrontations, which is how La Casa de los Famosos is located.

Who was the fourteenth eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos?

Yesterday the elimination gala and although some residents wanted Lupillo Rivera to leave due to all the confrontations he is having, things turned out differently. Well The one eliminated of the week was Cristina Porta.

So tonight the participants will play with their best cards to achieve immunity and create a strategy that will help them emerge victorious.

Advantages of the leader of the week in La Casa de los Famosos

Tonight it is revealed new leader of the week and among the advantages it has is that you can enjoy the suite in the company of one more inhabitant, with a private bathroom for them and without people spying on them, you also have the possibility of saving a nominee and of course total immunity for a week within of the game.

With tension running high inside the house, all the participants want to become the leader of the week, as they are getting closer and closer to the millionaire grand prize.

Who is the leader of the week?

Tonight the tests were quite close, and those who managed to be the finalists to achieve the leadership were very few and they had to face a test of skill.

Finally, luck was on Maripily Rivera and became the leader of the week The House of the Famous. He also chose Romeh to share the suite for one night

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