This series is a hidden gem of horror that will overwhelm you. It’s on and you can watch it in a weekend

This series is a hidden gem of horror that will overwhelm you. It’s on and you can watch it in a weekend
This series is a hidden gem of horror that will overwhelm you. It’s on Prime Video and you can watch it in a weekend

This series overwhelms you and plays with you during the scarce ten chapters that it lasts.

This is a miniseries that you can watch in a marathon weekend.

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There are truly overwhelming series, others that opt ​​for a fear based more on scares and more “instant” terror. However, there are others who choose to create an oppressive atmosphere that grips us in a surprising way and keeps us really overwhelmed while we are watching how certain characters suffer. Thus, on this occasion it is time to talk about a miniseries that offers something very similar to the second group and that combines it with a Victorian setting that suits it really well. We can enjoy it in streamingspecifically in Amazon and it is a series that you can devour in a weekend or in small sips over a week since It only has ten chapters..

An overwhelming plot

In the 19th century, specifically in 1847, a small fleet of ships sought to find the Northwest Passage. Thus, the expedition of explorers has a clear objective: to find the possibility of crossing the poles safely through water that does not freeze. However, the small flotilla ends up running aground and, therefore, they will have to prepare to try to survive in one of the most arid and resource-scarce areas they have ever been to. The problem is that they are not alone, far from it. As a result of Inuit legends, sailors begin to observe how a predator constantly terrorizes them. Thus, they will have to fight between myth and reality for their lives.

With this premise, The Terror It is a series that will make our hair stand on end. Not only because of the possible existence of a monster, but also because of its ability to put us in a sterile environment that is impossible for human survival.

Its creators, Dave Kajganich, Max Borenstein and Alexander Woo, were sponsored by the always giant Ridley Scottdirector of great films like Gladiator or , although he has much better period films.

In general, it is a series that stands out for creating very interesting protagonists, with many nuances and a very interesting personality. Of course, for this it has actors of the stature of Jared Harris and Ciaran Hinds, two established actors who we have seen in other productions for the small screen that they have been amazing as is the case of Chernobyl. It is overwhelming, oppressive and has traces of terror that I personally love. It’s worth seeing and its ten self-concluding chapters They make the series have a very clear ending.

There is a sequel or second season known as The Terror: Infamybut we will talk in detail about this other work that deserves all possible attention, but it has nothing to do with the first season. At least in appearance.

Watch ‘The Terror’ on Video

As we have already mentioned, it is a series that you can see in the Prime Video catalog and that offers great quality. Of course, you will have to have a subscription to the platform to be able to enjoy it exclusively.

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