Univision joins the phenomenon of The House of the Famous

Univision joins the phenomenon of The House of the Famous
Univision joins the phenomenon of The House of the Famous

The fourth season of The house of the famouswhich just ended on Telemundo, was without a doubt the television phenomenon of the season.

The successful reality show that they drove Jimena Gallego and Nacho Lozano He led during his 4 months the prime time of Hispanic television with historic audience figures.

The proof of this ‘boom’ is that even the network opposite, Univision, has joined this phenomenon.

The morning show Wake up America (Univision) had this Thursday exclusively with the first television interview of its third finalist, Lupillo Rivera. No matter what The house of the famous was seen on Telemundo, its presenters spoke at length with the regional Mexican music singer about his experience in the reality. And they seemed to be very well informed about what happened in the most famous house on Hispanic television.

The house of the famous; Wake up America.

Instagram Rodrigo Romeh; Instagram Wake Up America

Something that, as expected, did not go unnoticed on social networks.

“And this? Doing an interview on Univision for a Telemundo program?” a surprised viewer asked.

“I didn’t think the Univision hosts were watching The house of the famouscommented another person.

“They literally had to hang themselves on Telemundo to generate controversy,” can be read in another comment.

“Bravo Telemundo, Univision is your fan,” another person wrote.

The curious thing is that, although they addressed the topic, they avoided mentioning the name of The house of the famous. At all times they referred to The house of the famous As the reality“.

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And if that was not enough, Wake up America He also presented this Thursday a preview of the interview he did with Alejandro Chabán to the winner of the reality, Maripily Rivera.

There is no doubt that The house of the famous It was the television phenomenon of the season.

Rodrigo Romeh on Lupillo: “Since I forgave, I forgave, but I don’t think there is a way back. What is broken is broken”

Maripily Rivera: “Lupillo didn’t even congratulate me. After he left Home He put on glasses. Maybe she was ashamed to show her face for everything she did.”

Aleska: “I can’t understand how a person like Maripily has come this far. I needed to be a little bit meaner”

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