Marlon from “Desafío XX” reacted after his expulsion from the reality show

Marlon from “Desafío XX” reacted after his expulsion from the reality show
Marlon from “Desafío XX” reacted after his expulsion from the reality show

Marlon Duque

Photo: @marlonduque08

Marlon Duque, after his expulsion from “Desafío XX”, in the episode that aired this Friday, May 24, spoke out through his social networks in a message shared on Instagram. The expulsion of the former member of the Beta team generated surprise among viewers, participants and even some described it as an “injustice.”

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“Total learnings, I am happy, I enjoyed all the boxing, when my turn came I did it. I came looking for the biggest prize, I wanted to put my name high, but with what I managed to do I am so happy about the doors that are going to open,” she indicated in a video that he shared along with the program’s accounts.

Marlon’s expulsion came after a protein bar was found in his suitcase, which was prohibited, according to the show’s rules. Despite Marlon’s explanation that he had no intention of consuming it and that he informed production about it. However, the program made the decision to expel him for violating the rules.

This situation has generated controversy on social networks and among the program’s followers. since they have considered that the decision was unfair. Alejo Calderón, known as Sensei and winner of “Desafío The Box” 2023, expressed his opinion through the program’s social networks, calling the expulsion a “great injustice” and showing his support for Marlon.

Meanwhile, the former participant also referred to the close relationship he had with the contestant Luisa. “Very cool because with Luisa, many people here experience emotions to the fullest, I became very fond of her. Waiting for her to come out and see what can happen,” he said in the video uploaded to Instagram.

Who is Marlon Duque?

Marlon Duque is 24 years old and is a personal trainer. He is a man with a history of improvement and dedication that has led him to become a reference in the world of sports in Manizales. Raised by his father after his separation from his mother, the athlete found in him the greatest support and motivation in his life.

Although his relationship with his mother is not very close, the maternal figure of his grandmother, who died a few years ago, left a mark on his life.

Since leaving school at age 18, Marlon focused on sports as a way to support himself and help his father financially. He decided to invest in his passion by taking out a loan to set up a small gym that over time has become one of the most important in Manizales.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is passionate about CrossFit and has competed and won several OCR races.

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