Did Kevyn from the Challenge and his girlfriend break up because of Natalia?

Did Kevyn from the Challenge and his girlfriend break up because of Natalia?
Did Kevyn from the Challenge and his girlfriend break up because of Natalia?


Seeing the approaches between the two challengers, the woman has expressed her feelings on social networks.

In addition to the difficult tests that the participants face, ‘The XX’ Challenge usually becomes a topic of conversation because of what happens in the competition.

The challengers have experienced fights, love affairs and more controversies in each of the houses, however, one of the most notable in recent days has been the scandal of infidelity starring Natalia and Kevyn from the Alpha team.

The above is due to the fact that, despite the fact that outside the competition Kevyn has a girlfriend and a son, He ended up getting involved with his partner, being seen sleeping together and more.

Although Kevyn tried to maintain only a friendship with his Natalia and on several occasions he let the woman know that he was a committed man.in recent days they gave free rein to their attraction.

The above made the two challengers the target of criticism from hundreds of Internet users, who reproach their behavior and brand them as unfaithful.

Did Kevin and his girlfriend break up over Natalia?

In the midst of all the commotion that the love affair between the two Alpha challengers has caused, some were known on social networks publications by Kevyn’s girlfriend that would be proof that their relationship ended as a result.

Although Kevyn does not have any photos with the woman on his social networks, Derly Hurtado Yes, she used to share publications with him, showing that they had a relationship for years.

Initially, through her TikTok account, the woman used to share a video supporting the challenger in the competition, however, in recent days she has stopped messages bringing out his feelings after the deception of which he was a victim and with which he would refer to his love breakup.

“Leave elegantly without breaking, without hurting, with the same beauty with which you arrived,” the woman wrote in one of her publications.

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