Andrea Serna punished Alpha and even took their money – Publimetro Colombia

Andrea Serna punished Alpha and even took their money – Publimetro Colombia
Andrea Serna punished Alpha and even took their money – Publimetro Colombia

During the beginning of chapter 51 of the ‘Challenge XX’ There was a lot of tension and not only because of the test to death in the black box that Valentina, Glock, Karoline and Darlyn from the Beta house would face, but also because of what was happening in the Alpha house.

And since the previous edition, the Alpha team was serving the punishment of breaking firewood imposed on them by the Omega team after taking first place in the yellow box that gave them the opportunity to get the roulette wheel rolling.

Alpha received a truck full of large sticks and logs along with axes to leave them with an approximate measurement. The participants of that house along with the defiant guest did everything they could, but they did not succeed and therefore the alarm ending the punishment never sounded.

The presenter Andrea Serna established communication with the three houses that are still standing in the City of Las Cajas to summon the four sentenced to the black box, at the same time she asked Kevyn to show the progress they had with the punishment, upon seeing the result He asked not only the vest wearers to carry their suitcases, but the Alphas as well.

Before starting the test, Andrea Serna spoke in front of everyone about Alpha’s situation and asked Glock if he had seen something similar in the history of the ‘XX Challenge’ to which he answered no, that a punishment had never been unfulfilled. Amid the disconsolate look of the Alphas, the presenter issued some words in which she criticized the situation and told them their future in the following days.

Serna reiterated that it is the first time in the history of the ‘Desafío’ that a team fails to comply with a punishment, which is given to the winner of the test to use as a strategic advantage to weaken one of its opponents and that not complying with it is go against the essence of competition.

“Alpha, no one is unaware of the effort, but it was not enough. The sanction for non-compliance with the punishment is first, they will spend the entire cycle on the low beach; second, they must hand over all the money they have; Third, the next punishment that appears on the roulette wheel must be fulfilled by you, even if you win the challenge of sentence, reward and punishment.”

— Andrea Serna

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