Why wasn’t La Segura at the La casa de los celebrities party?

Why wasn’t La Segura at the La casa de los celebrities party?
Why wasn’t La Segura at the La casa de los celebrities party?

La Segura, Diana Ángel and ‘Culotauro’ were not at the last party at ‘The House of the Famous’ with the semi-finalists.

On June 14, the last party was held in ‘The house of the famous Colombia’. Where were all the participants who went through the RCN Channel reality showexcept La Segura, ‘Culotauro’ and Diana Ángel, because even the presenters were present in the middle of the final of the program.

Several thought that The Safe I would give all the encouragement to Karen Sevillano, so that it continues to remain stronger than ever just two days before the grand final of the competition. Therefore, in The Mega We will give the reasons why the Cali influencer is supporting her best friend from the screen.

Why wasn’t La Segura at the La casa de los celebrities party?

Through his Instagram, where he has more than 9 million followers, The Safe revealed that it is vacation in Cancun, Mexico. He has uploaded several stories in the middle of the beach, very happy with his boyfriend, Ignacio Baladán. In addition, she has also shown support for her friend from Cali.

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There was a detail that left everyone disturbing, because it appeared like a whole little mermaid in one of her videos. She sported red hair with a scarf. However, later it turns out that she still has her black hair. Then he showed how he misses his team ‘Los Papilletes’ and women that made it up, Diana Ángel, Ornella Sierra, Karen Sevillano and Natalia Segura.

When did La Segura leave ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’?

On May 19, Natalia Seguraknown in the digital sphere as ‘The Safe’, left the program ‘The house of the famous Colombia’. Her departure surprised all of her followers, since she was the least voted, obtaining just 13% of the votes. This unexpected departure generated numerous questions on social networks about the reason for his low vote, considering the considerable support he had.

Despite the impact of his departure, ‘The Safe’ she remained calm, although her friend Karen Sevillano He couldn’t hold back his tears at the thought of no longer having his partner. in the RCN Channel program. The farewell was deeply emotional, and the woman from Cali expressed her firm support for Karen, Neider García’s girlfriend, so that she can win the reality show.

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Recently, ‘The Safe’ He shared on his social networks his joy at being reunited with his partner. The reunion was an epic moment, full of expressions of love that they could not share during her stay in ‘The house of the famous Colombia’. Fans are excited to see them together again, especially now that they are preparing the details of their wedding.

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Published: 2024-06-15

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