‘The Bridgertons’: Is LGTBI diversity coming in the coming seasons?

This article contains spoilers

Contains spoilers about the third season of ‘The Bridgertons’ and the books in Julia Quinn’s literary saga.

There are Netflix series that should have a sign from the World Health Organization warning that they are highly addictive products. One of them is ‘The Bridgertons’, a authentic phenomenon that reinvents the Regency period in England with the adaptation of Julia Quinn’s novels. The passions of high society have delighted the audience who, after devouring the third season, are already looking forward to the fourth.

It should be noted that the streaming platform has taken its licenses with respect to the literary saga making Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) the protagonists of the third batch, despite the fact that their story does not reach until the fourth book, ‘Seducing Mr. Bidgerton’. The third, ‘I give you my heart’, places Benedict at the center (Luke Thompson), whom we have been able to get to know more about throughout the last chapters, thus preparing his future in the series.

Lady Tilley Arnold and Benedict Bridgerton in ‘The Bridgertons’ (Netflix)

In the first part of the third season, the second of the Bridgerton brothers meets Lady Tilley Arnold (Hannah New), with whom he soon begins a purely sexual relationship. It is in the second part where she introduces him to her best friend Paul Suarez (Lucas Aurelio) until the three end up sharing a bed. After this meeting, Lord Arnold’s widow encourages Benedict to experience your bisexuality without fear to what people think.

Does LGTBI diversity reach ‘The Bridgertons’ in this way? It would not be unreasonable for the series produced by Shonda Rhimes to choose give us with Benedict his first gay leading couplesomething that the actor who plays him has even referred to: “Benedict It has a wonderful openness and fluidity as far as he’s concerned, and he’s very, very fun to play because anything could happen“.

For now, ‘The Bridgertons’ has not introduced Sophie Beckett, Benedict’s love interest in the purest Cinderella style in ‘I Give You My Heart’. In the pages, both meet at a costume ball that Benedict and Eloise (Claudia Jessie) already mention in the last chapter of the third. Will the series take one of its licenses in favor of diversity?

Francesca and Lord John Stirling in ‘The Bridgertons’ (Netflix)

The one who has experienced one of these licenses is Francesca (Hannah Dodd), another of the Bridgerton sisters who throughout the third season has seen her prominence increase to the point of marrying Lord John Stirling (Victor Alli). Considering that each of the Bridgerton offspring stars in one season, this only means that The young woman’s love life is still unresolved..

Going back to the books, in the sixth, titled ‘The Heart of a Bridgerton’ with Francesca as the protagonist, the young widow after her husband dies from an aneurysm. At this moment, the deceased’s cousin, Lord Michael Stirling, comes into play, who ends up falling in love with Francesca until something else ends up emerging between them.

This character, the cousin, has already been introduced to us at the end of the third season although, yes, in the form of a bonus. Michaela Stirling (Masali Baduza) arrives at the Dankworth-Finch dance. “Every sordid detail John has told you about me is a lie. The truth is much worse“he tells Francesca. Is lesbian passion coming?

We will have to wait for the fourth

Without official confirmation from Netflix, it seems quite certain that in the fourth season it will be Benedict’s turn. Not only because they snuck in Penelope and Colin’s story, but because the actor who plays Colin let it slip in an interview: “Can’t wait to see Benedict’s story next season“.

What is clear is that we will have to wait longer than necessary to enjoy the new batch of chapters. During the premiere of Part 2 of Polin Season in London, the showrunner of the series, Jess Brownell, confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the fourth season of the romantic phenomenon It won’t arrive for two years. That is, until 2026.

We are working to try to release the seasons more quickly, but it takes eight months to record and then they have to be edited and dubbed into all the languages“explained the showrunner at the premiere. “Writing it also takes a long time, so We are going at a two-year pace, we are trying to accelerate itbut it will be more or less in that time frame“, he alleged, taking the opportunity to make it clear that the wait will be worth it: “I’m very excited about what we’re writing.“.

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