Tarot reader saw in the cards that he will not be part of Big Brother 2

Image: Chilevisión

an acquaintance national tarot reader ruled out having been contacted by Chilevisión to be part of the second season of the reality Big Brotherdespite the rumors that it was installed in this new version.

After the resounding success in tune with the first edition of the format in Chile, the Paramount-dependent signal is working at full speed to repeat the feat, with a commitment that will put ten well-known participants in the entertainment world and an equal number of anonymous people to compete inside the house-studio in Argentina.

Of course, the second season of Big Brother Chile will have important variations; for example, although Diana Bolocco will remain in charge of conducting the reality television space, neither Julio César Rodríguez nor the panel made up of Francisca García-Huidobro, Nicolás Quesille and Michael Roldán They will be present in this new version.

Instead, the incorporation of the journalist will be presented as an innovation Emilia Daiber as the only connection that participants will have with the outside world.

For now, all the other details of the second season of Big Brother Chile are kept in reserve, including the list of personalities who would eventually enter the confinement.

Despite this, various media and journalists have taken a gamble with information about the names that Chilevisión would be exploring – and would even already have insurance – to enter the competition.

This was the case of the panelist of the entertainment program I tell you (Latin Zone) Luis Sandoval, who assured that the well-known Chilean tarot reader Vanessa Daroch she would have been contacted by Chilevisión to propose participating in Big Brother Chile.

However, in a recent broadcast of the same program, Daroch took it upon himself to put an end to the rumors that they already install it inside the house-studio, ensuring that “that is absolutely far from reality, They haven’t even called me from Chilevisión. I haven’t been to Chilevisión for a long time, that is absolutely false. “I’m not confirmed, they haven’t called me,” she explained.

Likewise, the fortune teller expressed that, if she received such a proposal, I would consider a series of elements before accepting, which would make immediate acceptance difficult.

“If I thought about entering a reality At some point, I would think about it a lot because I have my dogs, my patients scheduledit would be difficult, it would have to be a lot for me to say ‘yes, I’m going in’“, she noted, emphasizing that “no one has contacted me, I am neither pre-confirmed nor confirmed, I have not gone to a casting“I haven’t done anything,” he said in the program.

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