De tú a tú has a new season: which celebrities are invited?

De tú a tú has a new season: which celebrities are invited?
De tú a tú has a new season: which celebrities are invited?

El programa de Martín Cárcamo, De tú a tú, estrenará próximamente una nueva temporada, la cual tiene confirmado varios invitados.

Pese a que aún no tiene una fecha definida de estreno, Canal 13 informó que en las próximas semanas la apuesta será lanzada.

Recordemos que son más de 110 episodios en los que el animador ha calado fondo en cada uno de sus entrevistados.

Se trata de un programa en donde cada declaración toma otros ribetes, llenos de emoción, sinceridad y humanidad.

De tú a tú estrena nueva temporada: ¿qué famosos están invitados?

Alexis Zamora, content manager of Channel 13, stated about this new cycle that “this is one of the programs most loved by viewers and for a long time they were asking when it would return and today we are pleased to announce its soon return, and with chapters that will once again fill you with various emotions.”

Along with the above, he mentioned that “laughter, joy, tears, jokes, powerful confessions and everything that places a famous person on their most human side is what Martín will continue to show and manage to bring out in this space thanks to his great skill as an interviewer. ”.

“Now with new guests, the same ones who promise to surprise with their statements and life storiesmany of which we will only now be able to fully know,” he added.

It should be noted that, in this new season, from you to you will have a wide variety of guests, such as the entertainer Cristian Sanchezsinger Denise Rosenthal and the actress Patricia Rivadeneira.

In addition, the space will also have the participation of the doctor Sebastian Ugartethe journalist Julia Vialthe actor Jaime Vadell and the comedian Pedro Ruminotamong others.

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