Julián Trujillo dancing ‘Sandra wants to know’, salsa choke

Julián Trujillo dancing ‘Sandra wants to know’, salsa choke
Julián Trujillo dancing ‘Sandra wants to know’, salsa choke

Julián Trujillo is enjoying his last days inside ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’.

Julian Trujillo is a renowned actor who has given something to talk about for his participation in ‘The house of the famous Colombia’. He was the first finalist chosen by the public and when he found out he had a tremendous party with the entire galactic team. Furthermore, through the messages they leave him on the networks, Internet users have highlighted how gentlemanly he is.

Julián Trujillo dancing ‘Sandra wants to know’

Recently, before Alfredo Redes was eliminated from RCN Channel reality showthe five semi-finalists met, Karen Sevillano, Julian Trujillo, Sebastian Gonzalez Miguel Melfi and Alfredo, and the woman from Cali did not miss the opportunity to make them dance her choke salsa that went viral saying ‘Sandra wants to know’.

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Although everyone was doing their best, whoever stole the attention was Trujillo, who made several faces while dancing to the rhythm of the music. In the midst of this situation, followers confirmed that the actor who was in ‘Nurses’ is one of the favorites to win ‘The house of the famous Colombia’.

What did they say online about Julián Trujillo?

“Julián may not have made content, but he showed valuesthat’s why he must win”, “If it is for education, valueshonesty and tolerance, Julián must win”, “All my votes to Julián always”, “Julián and Sebastián, super funny with that dance, the best”, “Julián’s dance is original

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