The disgusting scene from season 4 censored in India

The disgusting scene from season 4 censored in India
The disgusting scene from season 4 censored in India

MADRID, June 17 (CultureLeisure) –

The Boys season 4 It premiered on June 13 in Amazon Prime Video. The series has already surprised viewers before with its scenes full of violence and sexual content, and the new installment has once again included a sequence so shocking that it has even been censored in India.

In the second episode of the new season is presented to Splinter (Rob Benedict), a superhero whose power allows him to clone himself instantly and who is in love with Firecracker (Valorie Curry)

frenchie (Tomer Capone) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) then encounter three clones of Splinter, the first of them masturbating with a photo by Firecracker. Behind him, the two others are doing some kind of human centipedechain licking their butts.

A user on X (formerly Twitter) revealed that this scene, as well as a detail from the first episode, had been censored in India. “Hey, Prime Video India, are you awake? Excellent. Can we talk about why you randomly censor scenes from The Boys in India? In episode 1 of season 4, Butcher sends a picture of an (his?) anus to spite someone (typical of Butcher) and it’s blurry,” he noted.

“And in what should have been episode 2’s much-discussed and scandalous sex scene with human centipedes, somehow they removed all but one of the CG images. But in the next scene you have no problem showing us ten naked men with their cocks out in a long action scene?” added the user.

The Boys came to Prime Video by launching their first three episodes. Fans will be able to see a new episode every weekuntil the season finalewhich will arrive on Thursday, July 18

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