The controversial script twist in ‘The Chosen’ that has bothered his followers

The controversial script twist in ‘The Chosen’ that has bothered his followers
The controversial script twist in ‘The Chosen’ that has bothered his followers

Television series are experts at surprising with unexpected twists and shocking moments that keep the audience in suspense. The writers are constantly challenging our expectations to keep us hooked. And that is precisely what has happened in the fourth season of The Chosen (The chosen ones).

After some delays, the long-awaited fourth season has finally arrived. This series detailing the life and work of Jesus Christ has managed to captivate a global audience despite being independently produced. Written, directed and produced by Dallas Jenkins, the series has amassed more than 600 million views in nearly 200 countries around the world. Now, this new installment comes with a dose of controversy.

Recently, in an interview with iHollywood TV, Jonathan Roumiewho plays Jesus in the series, became emotional when talking about the fourth season of The Chosen. “For me, season four is the beginning of the end,” Roumie said. And certainly that has been the case. Be careful for those who have not yet started season four of The Chosen: they come spoilers next!

In the dramatic denouement of the third episode, the romance between Tomás and Ramah takes a tragic and unexpected turn. Initially, Jesus blesses their union despite Ramah’s father’s disapproval. However, towards the end, Ramah is accidentally stabbed and dies during a heated confrontation between Jesus and the Pharisees, provoked by the Roman Quintus.

This event drastically changes the course of history, leaving Tomás devastated by the loss of Ramah. He seeks comfort in Jesus, who tells him that it is not the right time to perform a miracle that will bring her back to life. This situation has generated intense debates among viewers about the direction of the plot and the characters’ decisions. In this same episode, Jesus performs a miracle by healing a blind man.

Some viewers have expressed deep discontent with the direction the plot has taken, especially those who feel that Jesus’ decisions in the series do not closely match his nature according to the gospels. For them, the decision not to intervene miraculously to save Ramah could be interpreted as an inaccurate representation or even contrary to the gospels’ teachings about Jesus’ compassion. «I believe that Ramah’s death clearly contradicts biblical teaching. “Jesus never lost any of his disciples,” commented one of the critics of the series on the social network X. “The biblical story of Jesus curing the man blind from birth in Jerusalem is incredible. It is a shame that this event is overshadowed by the tragic murder of Ramah,” laments another viewer.

Where to enjoy the fourth season of ‘The Chosen’ in Spain

The fourth season of The Chosen It is available in Spain through the platform streaming acontra+, operated by A Contracorriente Films. This platform already has the first three seasons of the series and will broadcast new episodes every Tuesday and Saturday in June. The first chapter premiered on June 4; the second on June 8, and so on until the release of the last episode on June 24.

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