First soap opera figure begs to be given a job

First soap opera figure begs to be given a job
First soap opera figure begs to be given a job

It was through his Tik Tok profile that one of the oldest actors has requested work. She has done it with dignity and with the hope that his message reaches the project directors.

The first figure of soap operas, Sergio Klainer has not hesitated to make this request with a concise but straight to the point video.

“Dear and distinguished producers, I am Sergio Klainer, the first wasted actor, and I am contacting you to urge you to give me a little joy and life,” begins the Argentine actor.

Sergio Klainer.


The one who was the protagonist of great television stories like Little girls, Lark, Love in custody or, more recently, The Lord of the heavens and Capeexpressed his desire to work and continue giving his best in that profession that he loves so much.

“I need to work, for me acting is living, take advantage of me, I’m counting on you, I send you a big hug and I expect a prompt and positive response,” he said goodbye, leaving his phone number available.

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The 88-year-old performer is very active on social media, where he shares videos and also offers acting workshops for all ages.

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