Where do you earn more in Latin America? Colombia, in the last positions

Where do you earn more in Latin America? Colombia, in the last positions
Where do you earn more in Latin America? Colombia, in the last positions

Uncertainty continues to know the increase that the minimum wage will have in 2024 in Colombiaand in the midst of the wait, a comparison has come to light that shows the importance of this amount in Latin America.

Although the final amount of the Next year’s SMLVColombia is currently among the countries with the lowest minimum wages in the Latin American region.

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And this discussion is not only a reflection of the country’s economic situation, but has also sought political tensions between President Petro and other leaders.

Without a doubt, in recent weeks, with whom he has had the greatest tensions, the president is with Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, after he was mocked for his statement about Javier Milei’s victory in the Argentine presidential elections.

Thus, the opportunity has been opened to compare the salaries of each country, which has left Colombia below.

Currently, in El Salvador, the minimum wage is 359 dollars, which is equivalent to 1,454,262 Colombian pesos. While in Colombia, by 2023, The salary is 1,160,000 pesos, that is, almost 284 dollars.

This indicates that It is at least 75 dollars less than what Colombian workers earn, unlike those in El Salvador, which is equivalent to 303,815 pesos.

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Latin American minimum wage

According to the El Financiero Ranking of Minimum Wage 2023 in Latin AmericaEl Salvador is in seventh place and Colombia in position 14.

It is noteworthy that Costa Rica tops the list with 650 dollars, that is, 2,633,065followed by Uruguay with 550 dollars ($2,227,978), Chile with 550 dollars ($2,227,978), Ecuador with 450 dollars ($1,822,891), Guatemala 391 dollars ($1,583,890) and Mexico with 364.85 dollars ($1,477,959). ).

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