Milei’s election was an “own goal” for Argentina, says AMLO – DW – 11/21/2023

Milei’s election was an “own goal” for Argentina, says AMLO – DW – 11/21/2023
Milei’s election was an “own goal” for Argentina, says AMLO – DW – 11/21/2023

“To put it in a word, with all due respect, it was an own goal and I do not agree although I respect the decision of the people with the right-wing governments,” said the president during his usual morning press conference without naming Javier Milei.

López Obrador, who had previously described Milei as an “ultra-conservative facho”, assured that he respects Argentina’s decision, although he stressed that “it is something that we consider is not going to help them.” The president also said that his government will not break relations with the incoming administration of Javier Milei, who will take power on December 10, ensuring that both countries have a friendly relationship.

“We are not going to break relations with Argentina because a country, a nation, is not only its government, it is its people and the people of Argentina and the people of Mexico have ties of friendship and solidarity in very difficult times, precisely when the right It was imposed even with the use of weapons, militarizing Argentina,” he expressed in reference to the dictatorship that existed in that country between 1976 and 1983.

This is López Obrador’s first personal reaction to Milei’s election, since on Monday he did not have his usual morning press conference because it was a holiday in Mexico.

AMLO: In Mexico “there is no risk” of a Milei

On Sunday, after the election in Argentina, the Mexican Foreign Minister, Alicia Bárcena, had sent a message on the social network new Argentine government”, but did not mention the winning candidate either.

The Mexican president also said that in Mexico there is no “risk” that a politician like Milei will come to power. “There is nothing to fear, the people of Mexico are very aware (…) and know very well that right-wing governments only favor minorities,” he noted.

López Obrador’s criticism contrasts with the good relationship he maintains with the current Argentine president Alberto Fernández and with other leaders in the region such as the Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the Colombian Gustavo Petro.

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