The story of how the agency created its own smartphone company to capture criminals around the world

The story of how the agency created its own smartphone company to capture criminals around the world
The story of how the agency created its own smartphone company to capture criminals around the world

Much is said about the legendary captures of the FBIof the mechanisms it uses to catch criminals or to advance strategic investigations, but analyzing How technology has become involved is another interesting topic to discuss.

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It is known that the FBI created an encrypted messaging application called Anom with which the hackers were able to communicate and which could only be accessed through contraband phones that the agents themselves put into service. the black market by convincing criminals to distribute it.

Joseph Cox, cybersecurity journalist and author of the new book ‘Dark Wire’, has dedicated himself to finding what the details are about this case, where the base point is the one that the FBI He ended up managing one of the secure telephone services in order to spy on the operations of criminals around the world.

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However, This administration includes the inconveniences and services that every company of this type must face, such as cloud services, manufacturing and shipping issues, customer service, expansion and scale, among others.​

The story of Anom, an FBI company

Anom operated as a company that analyzed the criminal world through technology and for about three years provided authorities around the world with a way to analyze the criminal underworld.

With this, They aimed to gain the trust of organized crime and be able to consult all their messages, thus knowing the plans for drug trafficking, money laundering or murder plans.

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However, to carry out this process it was necessary to contact other criminals and obtain one of the encrypted phones, whose particularity was also that they could not make noise, send emails or messages and their only use was to communicate with someone on the same platform.

Then, the device sent a blind copy of the content of the messages to an XMPP bot that the FBI called iBot and it managed to decrypt the messages and then re-encrypt them. using keys administered by the FBI.

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Anom’s cross was precisely its popularity and had to close after arousing several suspicions from experts.

It is known that About 300 criminal organizations used approximately 12,000 encrypted devices in more than 100 countries to plan or execute crimes.

There is a video on YouTube that, according to Vice, was filmed by an Anom salesperson who loaded the phones with the customized software and in it you can see what the process was within that company.

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