Today’s anniversaries: what happened on May 25 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

Today’s anniversaries: what happened on May 25 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world
Today’s anniversaries: what happened on May 25 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

In the anniversaries of May 25 These events that occurred on a day like today in Argentina and the world stand out:

1810. The May Revolution

Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros resigns from heading the board emanating from the Open Council of May 22. The viceroy gives in to the popular pressure led by Antonio Beruti and Domingo French, and who rejects this intermediate solution between those who asked for a meeting in his place and those who wanted to keep him in office. A board takes over on behalf of Ferdinand VII until the king of Spain recovers his throne, but ties with the crown will be broken. The board is headed by Cornelio Saavedra, military chief of Buenos Aires. The secretaries are Juan José Paso and Mariano Moreno. There are six members: Manuel Belgrano, Juan José Castelli, Domingo Matheu, Juan Larrea, Miguel de Azcuénaga and Manuel Alberti. The First Junta marks the founding event of Argentina as a nation. With the May Revolution the process towards the independence of the colonies of South America began.

1862. Juana Azurduy dies

Juana Azurduy dies in the city of Sucre, at the age of 81. He fought the royalists in Upper Peru, which is why he is a recognized figure in Argentina and Bolivia. She married Manuel Padilla, she had five children. Her husband, who also fought the Spanish, was captured and beheaded. Azurduy’s attack with her troops on the forces of General La Hera in Villar, current territory of Bolivia, earned her the appointment of lieutenant colonel.. In that action he took the standard from the Spanish and took rifles and ammunition. His reference was Martín Miguel de Güemes, whose death marked the end of his career.. He died in poverty.

1879. The Conquest of the Desert

General Julio Argentino Roca celebrates mass in Choele-Choel, raises the Argentine flag, remembers May 25, 1810 and, on the banks of the Río Negro, proclaims to his troops “the dominion of civilization here where barbarism has reigned for three years.” centuries”. It is the date that represents the victory against the Indians in the Conquest of the Desert. Roca went on the offensive to stop the criminals after the failure of the Alsina ditch. The Argentine State incorporates large tracts of land in Patagonia, many of which will end up in the hands of landowners. Mapuches, Tehuelches, Ranqueles and Pampas are decimated by the Army.

1901. The founding of River

Santa Rosa and Los Rosales, two teams from the Boca neighborhood, merge and a new club is born: River Plate. Soon, he will leave La Boca and settle in Núñez. With Boca, another club that emerged in the Italian neighborhood of Buenos Aires, he stars in the fiercest rivalry in Argentine soccer and one of the most attractive classics in world soccer. River is the winningest team in the country, with 36 local titles in the professional era.

1908. The inauguration of the Teatro Colón

With the staging of Aidaby Giuseppe Verdi Teatro Colón is inaugurated. It is the main lyrical hall in Argentina and one of the most important in the world. It was closed for renovations since 2006 and reopened in 2010, during the celebrations of the Bicentennial.

1925. The birth of Haroldo Conti

The writer is born in Chacabuco Haroldo Conti. He was the author of the novels Southeast, Around the cage, In life and Mascaró, the American hunter; as well as the stories of Every summer, With other people and The Ballad of the Carolina Poplar. A task force kidnapped him on May 5, 1976, and he has remained missing since. The cultural center that operates within the former ESMA is named after him. Worked as a teacher and in 2014 his file was modified, which said “abandonment of office” to “forced disappearance.”

1953. Daniel Passarella is born

Daniel Alberto Passarella Born in Chacabuco. He began his career in Sarmiento de Junín. He went to River, where he was part of the team that in 1975 ended 18 years without titles. He won six other championships as a player with the millionaires. Captain of the National Team, he won the World Cup in 1978. After the World Cup in Spain he played for Fiorentina and Inter in Italy. He was part of the Mexico 86 champion squad, but did not play due to poisoning. He retired at River in 1989. With 99 goals, he is the highest scoring defender in the history of Argentine football. Six months after his retirement he took over as River manager. He won three titles and from there he went to the National Team. He reached the quarterfinals at France 98. After spells with the Uruguayan national team, Parma, Monterrey and Corinthians, he returned to River as coach. He spent two years and failed to win. In 2009 he won the presidency of the Núñez club by six votes and during his management the historic relegation of 2011 occurred. He completed his term at the end of 2013.

1960. The San Martín opens its doors

Within the framework of the celebrations for the sesquicentennial of the May Revolution, the General San Martín Theater is inaugurated. It is one of the most important cultural spaces in the city of Buenos Aires..

1973. Cámpora assumes

Hector Campora becomes president, which marks the return to power of Peronism after 18 years of ban and the end of the dictatorship that began in 1966. The new president had won the March 11 elections. Delegate of Juan Domingo Perón, the former president’s inability to compete put him at the head of the Justicialist Liberation Front ticket. On the night of May 25, the political prisoners leave the Devoto prisonat the beginning of the 49 days of government that will culminate with the resignation of Cámpora and his vice, Vicente Solano Lima, on July 13, in order to facilitate a new Perón presidency.

1974. Arturo Jauretche dies

Arturo Jauretche dies at 72 years old. He was born in the Buenos Aires town of Lincoln. He joined the UCR and, after the overthrow of Yrigoyen, joined Forja. Later, he became a Peronist. At the end of the 40s he presided over the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires. His essayistic work gained prominence after the 1955 coupwith titles like The Prebisch Plan: return to colonialism, The average hair in Argentine society, Politics and economics and Manual of Argentine zonceras. He also wrote the poem The Passage of the Freeabout the radical uprising against the military coup plotters of 1930, and It had Jorge Luis Borges as prologue.

1993. The Serranazo

Self-coup in Guatemala. President Jorge Serrano Elías dissolves Congress, after weeks of tensions. His government is questioned by various sectors and there are demonstrations in the streets against his policies.. Repression increases and the opposition denounces the president’s enrichment. He responds with the self-coup, which goes down in history as Serranazo. In addition to parliament, dissolves the Supreme Court and suspends constitutional rights, such as freedom of the press and assembly. However, Justice declares the decree that originated the so-called Serranazo unconstitutional and protests ensue. The Army withdraws its support from Serrano, who flees to Panama on June 1. Vice President Gustavo Espina is disqualified, like the fugitive former president, and cannot take over as his replacement. Congress appoints Ramiro de León Carpio to complete Serrano’s term until 1996.

2001. Goodbye to Arturo Maly

Actor Arturo Maly dies of a heart attack in the Cordoba town of Morteros, where he was on tour with the work Scoundrels. She was 61 years old. Throughout his career he was seen in films such as The lion’s share, Revenge time, Last days of the victim, There will be no more sorrow or forgetfulness, Nights without moons or suns, The days of June, Count to ten, Dr. Cureta’s clinic and The escape. He also acted in theater and on television, specializing in villain roles..

2003. Kirchner is sworn in as president

Néstor Kirchner assumes the presidency. The until then governor of Santa Cruz receives the band and the staff from Eduardo Duhalde in Congress. He had come second in the April 27 elections, behind Carlos Menem, but the former president’s decision not to attend the runoff makes him the new president, with 22 percent of the votes. Kirchner is 53 years old at the time of his inauguration: he is the youngest president of the democracy restored in 1983. With his inauguration, the turbulent period marked by the 2001 crisis ends..

2005. Liverpool come back from a historic final

Liverpool and Milan star in the most impressive final in the history of the Champions League in Istanbul. The Italians sweep the English in the first half with a categorical 3 to 0. It seems impossible that in 45 minutes Liverpool can turn the score around. However, 15 minutes into the second half he achieved the feat, with three goals in six minutes. The 3-3 score remains in extra time and the British team wins on penalties 3-2.

2020. The crime of George Floyd

A Minneapolis police operation ends with the death of George Floyd by asphyxiation. Police officer Derek Chauvin subdues the 46-year-old African-American: with one knee he presses on Floyd’s neck, who complains that he cannot breathe. It’s nine minutes of continuous pressure: Floyd dies of asphyxiation. A cell phone recording shows the sequence and moves the entire world. The crime unleashes a wave of violence in the main city of the state of Minnesota and the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement. Chauvin is tried and convicted in 2021.

2023. Daniel Toro passes away

The Salteño folklorist Daniel Toro He dies in his hometown at the age of 82. Prolific author, his best-known song is “Zamba para vivirte.” He was banned by the last military dictatorship and faced throat cancer that made it impossible for him to sing for years.

Furthermore, it is the Africa Day: the founding, in 1963, of the African Union is remembered.

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