The viral movement that threatens to throw feces into a river in Paris would put the opening of the Olympic Games in check

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A viral movement that has gained more and more strength on social networks keeps people in expectation. Paris within the framework of the inauguration of the 2024 Olympic Games. Eyes will be on the Seine River, which would be the scene of a feces protest.

The protest would take place on June 23, just before the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgobathe in the Seine to prove that the water would be in optimal conditions for the competitions to take place there, just as the leaders themselves had promised.

Regarding this initiative, There is already a website that encourages Parisians and residents of nearby cities to defecate in the river.

The page even offers a calculation of the distance from various areas of Paris to coordinate the exact moment in which “you must act” so that the “gift” reaches the Seine River on June 23, the day Macron and Hidalgo plan to bathe in the river.

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ANDThe website promotes the protest with the slogan: “because after getting into the shit, it’s their turn to bathe in our shit.” Furthermore, with the slogan “I shit on the Seine on June 23 for Macron, Hidalgo and Núñez” which has also resonated on social networks along with the hashtag #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin (which translates “I shit in the Seine on June 23”).

Several images also circulate on social networks, most generated with artificial intelligence, generally about baths and toilets near the Seine River, further fueling attention to the protest.

And it is that France has invested 1.4 billion euros in improving the water quality of the Seine Riverwhich will be used for open water swimming competitions and triathlon during the Olympic Games from July 26 to August 11.

ANDThis would be the first time that this type of activities have been carried out in the Seine since human bathing in the river was prohibited in 1923.

This produced questions, especially from organizations such as the Olympic Swimming Commission, about whether it would be a good idea for Olympic swimmers to compete in this river because of health issues and the high pollution of the river.

But Macron, when asked if he himself would enter, surprised by answering “I will do it, but I won’t give you the date,” the president had said in mid-February of this year. Likewise, the mayor of Paris promised to take a bath in June, before the Games.

¿What does the Government say about the protest?

The French government, as well as the authorities, They have preferred not to mention it, according to the Paris city council, consulted by local media, in order not to give more visibility to what the Parisian police describe as a joke.

We don’t take it very seriously. It’s nothing more than a joke. Beyond the mockery, the idea is to show that those responsible are going to swim. “This is the power of example,” said Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy mayor of Paris, according to the French media. actu.

On the contrary, The Parisian city council says it is concerned about the excess flow of the river. Even this Friday, an open water swimming test was postponed for this reason and It will also be “probably postponed”, due to the strong flow, bathing in the Sena de Hidalgo, scheduled for June 23 as a gesture to demonstrate the optimal state of the river’s water.

Due to the heavy rains in May and the very strong flow of the river, the swim on June 23 will probably be postponed,” the city council told AFP. The new date will probably be Sunday, June 30.

con information from AFP*

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