The moment Joe Biden was “frozen” during a concert at the White House

The moment Joe Biden was “frozen” during a concert at the White House
The moment Joe Biden was “frozen” during a concert at the White House

The president of USA, Joe Bidenhas once again set off the alarms due to a lapse that occurred on Monday of this week.

On this occasion, the 81-year-old president remained completely motionless in the middle of an event for the June 16 holiday, which commemorates the end of slavery in the North American country.

Joe Biden’s video

In the images that have gone viral on networks, it can be seen that Biden was practically “frozen” while the White House held a concert for the Juneteenth holiday.

Although the American president showed a slight smile on his face, his body remained still for several seconds, as if he could not move from his place. The rest of those present, including Vice President Kamala Harris, danced and sang to the rhythm of the song Love Theory by gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

Also at his side was Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd, whose death caused a great global impact after being murdered by a police officer in 2020.

Philonise was the only one who seemed to notice that the president was still, as he put an arm around him and tried to start a conversation. Shortly afterward he gave him a fist bump, which was responded to by Biden.

Since his arrival at the White House, Biden’s health has been a source of scrutiny due to his advanced age and other mishaps he has been involved in, which has also been a threat to his re-election. In February of this year, for example, the president referred to the president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as the “president of Mexico.”

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