Mayor of Soledad Atlántico Alcira Sandoval received important recognition in Paris

Alcira Sandoval Ibañez, mayor of Soledad in Paris, France
Alcira Sandoval Ibáñez, mayor of Soledad in Paris, France.

Within the framework of the (8) Eighth Global Forum of Sustainable Cities held today in Paris, France, the mayor of Soledad Atlántico Alcira Sandoval Ibáñez in an interview with Pluralidad Z He said he shared some of the conclusions of his time in the city of light:

I seek to turn our city Soledad into a territory of Peace, of opportunities but above all in a sustainable territory, we have established (5) five projects in the Global Forum of Sustainable Cities and today we are here in Paris precisely to achieve what was proposed in the Development Plan, the recognition I received today consists of being an ambassador of sustainable cities.

As mayor I am betting on changing my territory, turning it into a green Soledad facing the river, betting on Urban Peace and food security, an environmental city, with energy transformation through solar panels“said the mayor.

Soledad Atlántico at the Global Forum of Sustainable Cities

Furthermore, the mayor added regarding her visit to France We need to go out and manage resources, which is why international cooperation is important to benefit all our people.

A tourist route of resilient solitude is one of the main bets of Mayor Alcira Sandoval, who screened a promotional video for Atlántico for guests from all over Europe, highlighting important cultural and artistic values ​​of the region.

The 8th Global Sustainable Cities Forum “Agenda 2030” in Paris, France is one that brings together innovation experts in different areas of municipal development with mayors, deputies, senators, councilors, drinking water operating organizations, governors and public servants from Latin America , coming from 15 countries.

The Ambassador of Mexico in France Blanca Jiménez was also part of the main table, Gerard Wolf President of Task Force Villes Durables was undoubtedly one of the most important guests who also strengthened ties with the mayor of Soledad Atlántico Alcira Sandoval.

Gerard Wolf is President of MEDEF International, it is the most representative organization of the French private sector at an international level: it represents the French Business Confederation (MEDEF) and its 800,000 companies in the world.

MEDEF International enjoys privileged relationships with its private and public partners: Government and administrations, in France and in the world, French Embassies and Economic Services, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, French businessmen established abroad and Foreign Trade Advisors.

Galo Limón, coordinator of the world organization of sustainable cities, referred to Soledad as a city among the leading cities of the 2030 agenda.

Mayors of Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia also joined the call, which in addition to a dialogue of nations is a bridge between continents to bring economic resources that allow government projects to be potentiated in the face of the infinite needs that exist today in Latin America, within the Conclusions It is important to note that a call was made for greater co-responsibility and support of the European Union with developing countries.

The Ambassadors of the World Sustainable Cities Organization OMCS implement action routes to generate sustainable cities in Latin America.

The Global Sustainable Cities Forum forms an agile and optimal learning window on the current routes that can be implemented locally with the aim of cities using their unique fusion of knowledge and human creativity to build more sustainable and equitable societies.

Alcira Sandoval Ibañez, mayor of Soledad in Paris, FranceAlcira Sandoval Ibañez, mayor of Soledad in Paris, France
Alcira Sandoval Ibáñez, mayor of Soledad in Paris, France.

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