Fans ask Zelenski for elections in Euro Cup match

Fans ask Zelenski for elections in Euro Cup match
Fans ask Zelenski for elections in Euro Cup match

Today, in the match between Ukraine and Slovakia in the Euro Cup, a group of fans took out a Ukrainian flag with the slogan “give us back the elections.” It was a message for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who finished his term in May but has not called elections due to the war against Russia.

The banner lasted for about half an hour and was then removed because political messages are prohibited in Fifa matches. This is the first major message of this type in the Euro, which has been marked by politics. Over the weekend, for example, there were clashes between Serbian and Albanian fans, motivated by old socio-political disputes between both nations.

Background on football politics. In Qatar 2022, German footballers covered their mouths due to the censorship of messages supporting the LGBTI community in that country and Iranians protested against the government of their country.

It remains to be seen how much politics there will be in the Copa América, which continues today at 7 pm with the match between Chile and Peru.

The data: Netherlands and France played the most boring match of the tournament, drawing 0-0. I just finished.

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