How did Peter Rabbit 2 go from books to the big screen?

How did Peter Rabbit 2 go from books to the big screen?
How did Peter Rabbit 2 go from books to the big screen?

Beatrix Potter She was the original author of the story of Peter Rabbit. Beatrix lived in a time very distant and different from ours, she lived from 1866-1943. The story of Peter Rabbit made its first appearance in 1902. To give you an idea, the second Peter Rabbit film was released in 2021, that is, 119 years after the famous children’s story.

Believe it or not, the way we lived over 100 years ago was very different from the way we live today. An old story may be very different from what we know, but it also preserves characters, ideas or values ​​that remain unique, special and relevant in each era and will continue to be so.

How did Will Gluck adapt the story of Peter Rabbit 2?

The timeline that the film would take was one of the challenges of the director of the second Peter Rabbit film, Will Gluck. The director said in an interview that it was a complicated challenge, but that he chose to make a story without a timeline so that it doesn’t matter when you see the film, you don’t easily perceive if it is old or new. But how did he achieve that? Very easy. Preventing characters from using electronic devices and devices. This avoids creating a temporary atmosphere, an imperceptible but very effective detail. Another thing he did to achieve a timeless film was to adapt and remove any elements that referred to a specific era, such as advertisements and signs.

The casting part was much easier, according to director Will Gluck. Will explains that animals are easy to adapt to because people don’t question their personalities or characteristics. The challenge with animals, like those presented to us in the Peter Rabbit 2 movie, is making them adorable enough. People should feel that they are cute and be attracted to them. If that is not achieved, no matter how nice a creature may be, it will be repelled by the mere sight of it.

Without a doubt, Peter Rabbit 2 is a movie that you will enjoy, whether you are young or old. The adorable and fun characters will captivate you.

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