The writer Alejandro Palomas claims the “inner voice” at the Huesca Book Fair

They say that anyone who is not comfortable is only because they are not comfortable with themselves. The writer Alejandro Palomas, in charge of inaugurating the 40th Book Fairwhich takes place in the capital of Huesca Until the 2nd of June with the participation of more than 70 authors and 17 bookstores and publishers.

Pigeons (Nadal Award 2018) has spoken about proclaim the truth. This is how he titled his speech before dozens of readers who attended the first day of the contest. The writer has claimed the voice of each one in order to “distinguish what is real from what is fictitious, at a time when there is so much fiction loose.”

As he has said, “writers and readers have an internal voice, with which we read and with which we write and “That voice is beginning to be the only real thing, the only thing we can trust.” In his opinion, we have to start deconstructing ourselves because “we have created a great monster in terms of non-communication and we have to go back and start communicating out loud.”

The acclaimed author has said that a few years ago he watched a television series, ‘Years and Years’, which “left me crazy because someone imagined exactly what we are experiencing now: that non-communication covered in hypercommunication“. “That is why I live in the countryside, because there is silence and I see that what we do not want is silence, he stressed.

Inauguration of the 40th Book Fair in Huesca

The writer has stated that he is very concerned that his truth “is not diluted.” He has also pointed out that book fairs “are very necessary” and it is not a place where you come just to buy. “That’s the excuse, but the end is Let children and young people come and understand that we talk about literature, like we talk about football. (although I don’t know why)”, he added. “You can also talk about books, literature, emotions, worlds, imagination…, about things that can be done sitting in a chair,” he added.

Alejandro Palomas has signed copies of his latest book, ‘El tiempo que nos une’. Afterwards, he planned to perform with a monologue, ‘Orphans we are’ in the Bendita Ruina’s Genius room.

Councilors from the Huesca City Council have attended the opening of the Huesca Book Fair to show their support for Huesca booksellers. The mayor, Lorena Orduna, has stressed the value of culture to unite the city and has highlighted the importance of commerce for the vitality of the capital of Huesca. In addition, he has praised the tenacity of booksellers and the treasure that paper books represent in times of digitalization.

The opening ceremony began with the recommendations and advice of several members of the Bibliojoven Club of the municipal Libraries and the interventions of the director of the Fair, Fernando Arguis; the general director of Culture, Pedro Olloqui; the provincial deputy for Culture, Carlos Sampériz and Raúl Benito, representing CEOE-Cepyme Huesca and the Trade Association.

The Book Fair opens its stalls this Saturday at 12:00 with a storyteller. During the day there will be eight presentations and 14 authors will sign.

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