5 best-selling books from June from La Casa del Libro that are perfect to buy at the Book Fair

As soon as we see each other in the middle of June… sIt can only mean that the Book Fair season is the perfect plan. The favorite moment for reading lovers lasts 15 days in total, the last day of which is tomorrow, June 16. Whether out of curiosity, with the purchase more than premeditated or with the desire to visit your favorite writer, letters dance in the city at ease and buying books without any measure does not cause a single regret.

Now, if you are visiting, with the mission of buying but without a clear idea of ​​what to read, let us give you a hand because we know what the 5 books that have triumphed this month of June in La Casa del Libro with which it is impossible not to get hooked.

Sins 1. King of Wrath (Ana Huang)

Sins 1. King of wrath

Billionaire Dante Russo is forced to marry Vivian Lau, the daughter of his greatest enemy in the world of work. He is willing to get rid of this commitment and stop being coerced, although he may thwart her plans by not wanting to separate from her. Vivian, for her part, knows that it is a splendid opportunity for her family and for her, and although the desire to get married was not in her plans… maybe now another type of desire awakens in her.

If you like the dark (Stephen King)

If You Like The Dark

The genius of terror does it again: leaving us completely scared to death. ‘If you like the dark’ brings together twelve stories that delve into the darkest part of life. Stories about destiny, mortality, luck, and the multiple folds of reality are as rich and absorbing as his novels. Stories that question whether clairvoyance is a gift, a Vietnam War veteran receives an assignment and wonders if there are certain corners of the world that are better not to study, or a widower who ends up with a most peculiar inheritance. 12 stories to keep you awake.

The Year of the Locust (Terry Hayes)

The year of the locust

The year of the locust

A geopolitical thriller in which its protagonist, Kane, a CIA spy, ends up traveling to the wastelands where the borders of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan meet.
His mission is to find a man with vital information for the security of the West, but he encounters an adversary who intends to bring the world to the brink of extinction. A terrifying, intelligent and cruel man with blood on his hands and revenge in his heart.

Every end is a beginning (Dolly Alderton)

Every end is a beginning

Every end is a beginning

Turning thirty is not going as Andy thought.
With a career as a stand-up comedian that hasn’t quite started, dealing with a breakup with his 5-year-old girlfriend, sharing a flat with a very peculiar old man, one-night stands don’t work out as well as he expected and it’s getting more and more difficult. see your friends. Trying to find out why his relationship ended becomes an obsession, the only meaning he finds in his life.

Don’t make mountains of sand (Rafael Santandreu)

Don’t make mountains of molehills

Don't make mountains of molehills

If his book ‘The art of not making life bitter’ was already a best seller, this new work lands to cause the same fury. Endless methods, tips and tricks to try to be a little happier, based on scientific evidence. Fighting overweight easily, resolving relationship conflicts or overcoming the death of a loved one, are some of the topics you will find.

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