Wegow fires a manager involved in an ultra attack at the Book Fair

Wegow fires a manager involved in an ultra attack at the Book Fair
Wegow fires a manager involved in an ultra attack at the Book Fair

Madrid, June 17 (EFE).- The concert ticket platform Wegow has fired this Monday its sales manager, who was involved in an ultra attack on the journalist and writer Fonsi Loaiza at the Madrid Book Fair and after several groups musicals have stopped collaborating with the company.

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Ska-P, Los Chikos del Maíz and Angelus Apátrida have posted messages on social networks over the weekend to disassociate themselves from Wegow.

Last Friday, Loaiza published a video on the social network Corruption in the Spanish State’, in one of the booths of the literary event that took place in Madrid until last Sunday.

“Today I suffered a far-right attack at my book signing at @FLMadrid shouting ‘fucking red, faggot’. The police have not taken them into custody and have reproached me for calling them Nazis. So they are free to roam fascism in Spain. They will not pass!” was the text that accompanied the video.

One of those present at the attack is Enrique Sanchís, until now sales director of Wegow. In addition to this, according to what has been published on social networks, he wrote in forums that he had participated in the insults and that Loaiza deserves “to be given good.”

Once the identity of Sanchís and his connection with the company became clear, which began to be asked for explanations on social networks, on Sunday it published a statement in which it assured that it was investigating the incident and clarified that as a company not only did it not share , but rather “strongly” rejected those comments and attitudes, as well as violence in any of its forms.

This Monday, Wegow announced that it was dispensing with the services of this employee, while denying that he was part of its founding team, and assured that he joined when it had already been operating for several years.

Despite this, an hour later, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro reported on X that they were changing the links for the Wegow tickets for the anniversary concerts that they will manage themselves through a new company. “When the companies are cleaned and there are no fucking Nazis, we’ll talk,” they add.

Previously, it had been groups such as Chikos del Maíz, SKA-P or Angelus Apátrida that had reported that they were dispensing with this collaboration in support of Loaiza, journalist and author of books such as ‘Florentino Pérez. The power of the box’, ‘Qatar. Blood, money and football’ and ‘Machismo, mafia and corruption in Spanish football’. EFE


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